'The Rock of Talk' Debate of the Day: Was the Presidency Stolen from Donald Trump?

The Electoral College meets December 14th...

On Thursday, the Trump campaign’s attorneys, led by Rudy Giuliani, “described patterns of potential massive voter fraud on Election Day and outlined what they say are remaining ‘multiple pathways to victory’ … and the legal strategies they are pursing to get there.”

Jenna Ellis characterized their presentation an “opening statement” in what would be a lengthy legal battle, and called the election “irredeemably compromised.”

Predictably, the mainstream media ridiculed the event. Bloomberg wrote that it “described a widespread and implausible fraud on behalf of Joe Biden,” and The Washington Post sneered that Giuliani spoke “for nearly an hour about grand conspiracies rife with rampant voter fraud across the country, evidence for which would be presented at a time to be determined.”

What do you think? Is the president’s team making a plausible case for “Stop the Steal,” or was the election on the level?

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