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The soul is the mirror of an indestructible universe.

— Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz


Forecast from the KIVA Weather Station: Mostly sunny skies during the morning hours followed by thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 87F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60%. Localized flooding is possible.

Today is Friday, July 23rd, the 204th day of 2021. There are 161 days left in the year. It is Hot Enough For Ya Day and National Vanilla Ice Cream Day.

This Day in History

In 1829, William Austin Burt patented the typographer, a precursor to the typewriter.

In 1921, the Communist Party of China was established.

In 1961, the Sandinista National Liberation Front was founded.

In 1962, Jackie Robinson became the first black player to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

In 1972, the United States launched Landsat 1.

In 1995, Comet Hale-Bopp was discovered.

In 2018, a wildfire in Greece caused the death of 102 people. It was the deadliest wildfire in the country’s history and the second-deadliest in the world in the 21st century.

This Day in Music History

In 1955, Chuck Berry released his first single, “Maybellene.”

In 1968, The Jackson 5 auditioned for Motown Records. The label signed them three days later.

In 1977, Foreigner released “Cold As Ice.”

In 1983, The Police’s final album, Synchronicity, went to No. 1.

In 1996, Fiona Apple, age 18, released her debut album, Tidal, featuring “Shadowboxer” and “Criminal.” It sold over 3 million copies.

In 2011, Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 27.

In 2014, Sarah Palin received a speeding ticket in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska. She blamed her infraction on Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55,” which was playing on the radio. When Hagar heard about the incident, he tweeted Palin, offering to cover the ticket.

Today’s Birthdays

Singer-songwriter and actor Ronny Cox is 83. Actor Woody Harrelson is 60. Musician, songwriter, and producer Saul Hudson, better known as Slash, is 56. Model Stephanie Seymour is 53. Actress Charisma Carpenter is 51. Musician and singer Alison Krauss is 50. Monica Lewinsky is 48. Actor Daniel Radcliffe is 32.



  1. City of ABQ planned to make a flash flood warning system by arroyos, years later no system installed

  2. Roswell city council to hold special session on downtown marijuana sales

  3. Belen school facing possible closure, new attendance zones amid drop in enrollment

  4. PNM to customers: The grace period is over, time to pay your bill

  5. A Primer on Inflation

  6. WATCH: Rand Paul says Dr. Fauci’s ‘HORRIFYING STATEMENT’ should be focus of media

  7. House Democrats block a bill that would declassify information on the origins of COVID-19

  8. LISTEN: NSO Group Software Used to Surveil Journalists, Activists, and Governments

  9. Congressional Republicans Seek To Give Biden War Powers For Cuba

  10. No, the U.S. military is not ‘leaving’ Iraq


Report outlines problems at New Mexico veterans’ home

SANTA FE — A report says a lack of oversight within the New Mexico Department of Health likely was a factor in high COVID-19 infection and death rates among residents at the New Mexico State Veterans’ Home. It's one of the findings outlined in a scathing review by legislative analysts. The report was discussed during a meeting of the Legislative Finance Committee. The report noted that multiple independent reviews found failure to follow proper infection control and personal protective equipment procedures at the home despite early guidance from state health officials. Also, a pattern of deficiencies has cost the facility over $180,000 in federal penalties since 2015.

3rd body found in wake of storms, flooding in Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE — Firefighters believe they have located a third person who went missing after being swept into an arroyo as a result of storms in Albuquerque. Albuquerque Fire Department spokesman Tom Ruiz said that crews recovered a body in the washout area of a diversion channel. Authorities recovered the bodies of two men were in the area Wednesday. Their names and ages were not immediately released by authorities. Crews initially responded Tuesday afternoon when three people were seen floating down the diversion channel in northeast Albuquerque after the area was hit with heavy rains. Swift water rescue units scrambled to the sides of the channel to attempt a rescue but didn’t spot the trio over a two-hour period.


(Bolded for your attention / analyses)

Brother of Miami condo victim heartbroken but not hopeless

FORT LAUDERDALE — Ikey Hedaya is still waiting for closure almost a month after the Surfside condo collapse. He has given his DNA, talks frequently with the medical examiner and even reluctantly visited the collapse site to see for himself what is being done to find his big sister. Fifty-four-year-old Estelle Hedaya appears to be the only missing victim yet to be identified after the June 24 collapse. Although Ikey Hedaya is heartbroken, he is not hopeless. He says he believes that God took care of his sister. And he believes she will be responsible for blessings for those who knew her.

Dems renew questions about FBI background check of Kavanaugh

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats are raising new concerns about the thoroughness of the FBI’s background investigation into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after the FBI revealed that it had received thousands of tips and had provided “all relevant” ones to the White House counsel’s office. FBI Director Christopher Wray, responding to longstanding questions from Democrats, disclosed in a letter late last month that it had received more than 4,500 tips as it investigated the nominee’s past following his 2018 nomination by President Donald Trump. The process was the first time that the FBI had set up a tip line for a nominee undergoing Senate confirmation.

Jurors convict former Georgia insurance chief in $2.5M fraud

ATLANTA — A jury has convicted Georgia’s suspended insurance commissioner of all 37 charges against him at his trial. Jurors returned guilty verdicts Thursday against Jim Beck on wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering and tax fraud charges. He faces a substantial prison term at sentencing in October. Beck was indicted months after taking office in 2019. Prosecutors presented evidence that Beck ran a scheme to embezzle more than $2.5 million from the Georgia Underwriting Association. Beck managed the state-chartered private insurer of last resort for years before being elected. State law says Beck is automatically removed from office on conviction. A judge ordered Beck confined to his home until sentencing.

Priest outed via Grindr app highlights rampant data tracking

When a religious publication used smartphone app data to deduce the sexual orientation of a high-ranking Roman Catholic official, it exposed a problem that goes far beyond a debate over church doctrine and priestly celibacy. With few U.S. restrictions on what companies can do with the vast amount of data they collect from web page visits, apps and location tracking built into phones, there’s not much to stop similar spying on politicians, celebrities and just about anyone that’s a target of another person’s curiosity — or malice. Privacy experts say such cases will multiply until federal law regulates the handling of this data.

Hemingway Look-Alike Contest returns to the Florida Keys

KEY WEST — The 40th edition of an Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest has begun at an iconic Key West bar formerly frequented by the author. Thursday’s opening marked the return of a contest canceled last year. Some 70 stocky, bearded men resembling the late Hemingway competed in the first of two preliminary rounds. Another round is planned Friday and the winner is to be chosen Saturday night. The three-night contest is a cornerstone of the island’s Hemingway Days festival, a salute to his writing talent, legacy and adventurous life. Hemingway lived and wrote on the subtropical island for most of the 1930s.


(Bolded for your attention / analyses)

Mexico to send 2 boatloads of food, medical aid to Cuba

MEXICO CITY — The Mexican government says it will send two navy ships to Cuba with food and medical aid. The Foreign Relations Department said the ships will set sail to Cuba on Sunday from the Gulf coast port of Veracruz. The ships will carry oxygen tanks, needles and syringes, and basic food items like powdered milk and beans. The announcement Thursday came on the same day that the U.S. government tightened sanctions on Cuban officials after they violently put down protests by residents of the island tired of shortages, long lines, price increases and a lack of medicine.

Mexico fines candidate’s party for role of influencer wife

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s electoral agency has fined the party of a winning state candidate $2.75 million, ruling that he got prohibited support from his influencer wife’s social media posts. The fine against gubernatorial candidate Samuel García has raised questions of electoral fairness and freedom of speech. García won the June 6 elections in the northern border state of Nuevo Leon. His supporters say a wife should be able to support her husband, and that regulators were treating Mariana Rodríguez like an object with a price. The electoral agency says Rodríguez’s posts are a business, and the law forbids businesspeople from making in-kind donations.

Germans return to flooded town: ‘The memories are gone’

ERFTSTADT, Germany — German authorities have allowed families in a town inundated by flooding to enter their homes for the first time. Residents of Erftstadt-Blessem had been kept away from parts of the town amid concern that buildings could collapse due to large-scale subsidence in the region. On Thursday, they surveyed the wreckage and tried to salvage anything important they could find, which wasn’t much. More than 177 people died in Germany and a further 31 deaths were reported in Belgium, taking the death tool from last week’s floods to 208. Germany’s national weather service is forecasting localized storms in parts of the flood-affected regions from midday Saturday.

Violence, protests overshadow Mass for slain Haitian leader

CAP-HAITIEN, Haiti — Demonstrations in Cap-Haitien have turned violent as gunshots rang out while supporters of slain President Jovenel Moïse blocked some roads and demanded justice while threatening to disrupt his upcoming funeral. A heavily armed police convoy carrying unknown officials rushed through a barricade of flaming tires set up at the end of a bridge, with one vehicle nearly flipping over as it passed through. The Rev. Jean-Gilles Sem spoke to dozens of people at a memorial service on Thursday wearing white T-shirts emblazoned with Moïse’s picture. The Mass was held a day after violence erupted in Moïse’s hometow.

Ecuador president decrees emergency in prisons after clashes

QUITO — Ecuador’s president has declared a state of emergency in the country’s prisons following fighting between rival gangs that killed 22 inmates and injured dozens. Authorities said the violence began Wednesday afternoon at the main prison in the city of Guayaquil, the Litoral Penitentiary, as well as at the Latacunga prison in central Ecuador. Officials say police had quelled the rioting and regained control of the prisons Thursday. They say nine police officers and 59 prisoners were injured. Police said on Twitter there was an escape attempt at Latacunga, but that 78 prisoners were recaptured.


  1. Do you believe in life after death?

  2. Vanilla or chocolate?

  3. Is it appropriate for the FBI to set up tip lines for U.S. Supreme Court nominees?

  4. Woody Harrelson’s best movie?

  5. Have you ever used a typewriter?

  6. Should the federal government do more to regulate what companies can do with personal data?

  7. Can you drive 55?

  8. Is the end nigh for communism in Cuba?

  9. Did Bill Clinton prey on Monica Lewinsky, or was she an adult who knew exactly what she was doing?

  10. Hot enough for ya?

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