The Rock of Talk 'Daily Blast' for Thursday, November 19th, 2020

The Top 10 Links of the Day, Conservative Snapshot and Morning Local News Briefing

It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

Chuck Palahniuk

Here are today’s Top 10 articles you need to read, Conservative Daily Snapshot and your morning news briefs from ‘The Rock of Talk‘

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  1. Workforce Solutions reports ‘all hands on deck’ as more people apply for unemployment benefits

  2. State tightens restrictions on ‘big-box’ retailers

  3. Heinrich seeks to protect Pecos watershed from new mining, drilling

  4. Cost of Lockdowns: A Preliminary Report

  5. New Pennsylvania mask order extends mandate to private homes

  6. In Nevada, A Corrupt Cash-For-Votes Scheme Is Hiding In Plain Sight

  7. Big Tech’s free speech suppression is dangerous information warfare

  8. Why the Media Trash Trump’s Superrecovery

  9. No U-Turns To Bushism

  10. Biden’s Electric Vehicle Plans May Collide With Environmental Policies

Conservative Daily Snapshot

  • Nancy Pelosi looks set to retain her role as House Speaker. In fact, only one Representative spoke against her. She faces numerous challenges in the next two years, most notably, trying to reconcile the progressive wing into a razor-thin majority.

  • After voting to certify the results of Wayne County, Michigan, the two Republican canvassers have now rescinded their certification. They cite Democrat bullying and threats in sworn affidavits for their earlier decision.

  • President Trump has applied for a recount in two Wisconsin counties. When news of the petition landed, the state election commission held a five-hour meeting on changing the rules of a recount. The meeting has set tongues wagging in online forums.

  • MSNBC claims that sites such as Twitter and Facebook have “contact with reality,” whereas alternatives like Rumble and Parler are just right-wing havens. Let’s remember, Twitter quashed the Hunter Biden story and let the Covington Kids fraud run rampant.

  • The New York Times laments the Trump Team lawsuits as an attack on the system. Surely recourse to the courts is an integral part of the very system they claim is being undermined? Without such checks and balances, fraud would go undetected.

  • An opinion piece in the Times discusses the writer’s efforts to reach out to Trump supporters post-2016 and how he has given up in exasperation. One wonders how much “reaching out” was involved when he describes that he “warned them that supporting white nationalism and Trump, in particular, would be self-destructive, an act of self-immolation,” in a series of lectures.

  • Senior Democrats have urged elected members not to take a role in a Biden administration over fears that they would lose seats in the resulting elections. Aren’t they confident that they can win a race in which the world will be watching? It does not appear to be the stance of a party confident in its recent victory. Joe Biden may just have to pick even more lobbyists and corporate refugees if he makes it to the White House.

  • Just when the dust was beginning to settle for Gavin Newsom over his dinner party in which he broke rules he himself has set for Californians, it got even worse. It appears that in attendance at the party were California Medical Association representatives … who also didn’t wear masks between bites as per Newsom’s rules. How long before citizens of the Golden State demand either equality or a new leader?


SANTA FE, N.M. - New Mexico officials are reporting that daily confirmed positive cases have swelled to a record 2,897 cases. They also reported Wednesday an additional 26 deaths. Following a set of restrictions rolled out Monday in an attempt to "reset" the state's fight against the virus, the governor is issuing additional tightening on the definitions of essential businesses. Big box stores must do at least a third of their business selling essential goods like food or offering essential services like vehicle repair in order to allow customers inside stores. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is urging all businesses to move to curbside sales as much as possible.

SANTA FE, N.M. - A California-based Roman Catholic bishop confirmed Wednesday that he is under investigation by the Vatican for his handling of abuse and misconduct cases in his former diocese in the Las Cruces area of southern New Mexico. In an online statement, Bishop Oscar Cantú confirmed a re port from the Catholic News Agency about an investigation and said he planned to cooperate fully with any inquiry. The disclosure comes amid public discussions by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops of a report detailing how clerics failed to hold to account ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick for many years after suspicions surfaced of serial sexual misconduct.

SANTA FE, N.M. - Spending on federally subsidized Medicaid health care across New Mexico has surged to an all-time high as the coronavirus pandemic throws more people of all ages into poverty. An independent evaluation announced Wednesday of the state's flagship managed care program for Medicaid insurance finds that enrollment is surging to new heights. More than 52,000 people were added to the state's Centennial Care program serving most Medicaid patients in New Mexico, which has 2.1 million residents. At the same time, use of medical services under the program has decreased since the start of the pandemic in Marc h.

HOUSTON - A federal judge has ordered the Trump administration to stop expelling immigrant children who cross the southern border alone, halting a policy that has resulted in thousands of rapid deportations of minors during the coronavirus pandemic. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan on Wednesday issued a preliminary injunction sought by legal groups suing on behalf of children whom the government sought to expel before they could request asylum or other protections under federal law. The Trump administration has expelled at least 8,800 unaccompanied children since March.


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