One of the hottest names in broadcasting dropped by the KIVA on Wednesday, and offered his take on … well, what else?

Jimmy Failla, a comedian and Fox News Radio host, chatted with Eddy Aragon about Donald Trump, Joe Biden, the election mess, and the state of the media. Defending his employer from its many frustrated -- if not former -- fans, he confessed that he “didn’t agree with the decision” to call Arizona for Team Blue. And Failla remains a Trump supporter, remarking that the MAGA Phenomenon “took a Park Avenue billionaire and turned him into a punk-rock brand,” and in the process, gave “a middle finger” to America’s corrupt and out-of-touch establishment.

Failla said that Fox goes “where the facts are,” and as such, will comprehensively cover the evidence presented by the Trump campaign’s multi-state legal challenges. We’ll see. 

Something not in doubt is the ongoing transformation of the media landscape. KIVA is playing its part in this change. That’s why you need to visit our new website and discover what it has to offer. Subscribe to our new, and interactive, outpost -- at 16.4¢ a day, it’s a heckuva bargain -- and you’ll get everything from audio and video clips to the “Rock of Talk” show wraps and original research/reporting. Here’s a feature we know will attract plenty of attention: the “Debate of the Day.” It’s going to be great fun, interacting with our listeners on local, state, national, and international affairs. Rest assured, the forum will not engage in politically correct censorship. All opinions are welcome!

One challenge subscribers will need to support each other on is the coming lockdown. Yes, there is no question that Michelle Lujan Grisham will enhance her pathetically futile crusade to crush the coronavirus in the Land of Enchantment. Two of the state’s largest school districts have even gotten ahead of the governor. Both Santa Fe and Rio Rancho are shutting down all in-person learning as of November 20th.

It’s the height of stupidity -- herd stupidity, one might say -- to close schools when not a single New Mexican aged 17 or under has died from COVID-19. But look for more districts to follow suit, as junk-science hysteria intensifies in a state with a “leader” more interested in fleeing to The Swamp than fixing the vast damage her “public health” dictates have wrought.

Businesses bankrupted, jobs destroyed, mental health battered. It’s all bad. But children suffer the most. In the state’s capital city, the “number of failing grades issued to … students for the first quarter of the 2020-21 school year ballooned from the same period the previous year.” In Santa Fe’s two government high schools alone, “57.4 percent of students [had] at least one F.” A top educrat admitted that “students are just struggling in general, especially those who need that interaction and the direction instruction in person, who need that extra help.”

As the Albuquerque Journal noted it in an editorial a week ago, “countries including New Zealand, Germany, Vietnam and Sweden have put children’s learning first, with in-person classes. New Mexico is one of seven states keeping schools partly to mostly closed.” 

Shameful. But sadly, not surprising. And in all likelihood, things are about to get even worse.

Winter is not far off, but that’s no reason to give up or give in. Look toward the light -- it illuminates a path forward to a better New Mexico. The community KIVA is building, and the resources we are providing, promise to move us all a little farther down that path.