'Rock of Talk' Videos Show from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday December 7th, 8th and 9th, 2020

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“The Rock of Talk” - Eddy Aragon - 12-7-2020

-Eddy's State Central Committee Speech
-Don't Go to Hawaii
-Paid Sick Leave

“The Rock of Talk” - Eddy Aragon - 12-8-2020

0:00: Eddy’s summary of what happened last night with the GOP chairmanship “election”

9:00: Judge a man by his relationship with his children

21:30: Paid sick leavea higher minimum wage — how is a business supposed to survive?

22:05: Kelly Fajardo is just … awful

23:50: Happy talk from the Albuquerque Journal

26:55: Crime is out of control in Las Cruces (and the police department’s spokesman says they “can’t be private security guards”)

31:30: Phoenix is not on lockdown, with bars and restaurants and gyms open

32:50: Eddy’s stalker makes her latest accusation, and Selim’s final email to KIVA

37:40: “YOU. ARE. LIVING. IN. HELL!” So fight back!

46:45: Small businesses are the nation’s job-creators

48:20: A caller asks how she can “fight back,” and a lengthy discussion ensues with Eddy and Dowd offering their thoughts

58:50: Eddy’s advice: “nudge” people, analyze the media (bias), defy the “orders,” protest the governor’s mansion

1:10:30: Dowd says “CUT THE CORD!” (and pester elected officials)

1:13:10: Eddy recommends going to church, ditching Google and Amazon, “starving” the archdiocese, refusing to get tested, and frustrating the pollsters

1:24:20: To learn how to talk to leftists, Dowd recommends The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion, by Jonathan Haidt

1:39:10: A caller disagrees with Dowd about evolution

1:41:15: Young Eddy Aragon and Young D. Dowd Muska, thousands of miles apart, grew up watching the PBS series “Ethics in America”

1:47:05: A caller weighs in on Rona nonsense

1:50:30: Order from Monroe’s tonight!

1:51:10: A caller considers Old Glory a “symbol of sacred personal sacrifice”

1:56:30: Natalie (from “Liberty Ladies UNITE!”) calls in to talk about the “postponed” ABQ ordinance and ask why city councilors can’t be reached directly via phone

2:01:45: A caller from Rio Rancho talks abut the “big meeting” coming up

2:04:25: A caller reminds Eddy of the appalling story of his former brother-in-law’s brother, a 20-year veteran who served in Macedonia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, not being allowed to have a proper burial due to MLG’s “public health” thuggery

2:16:45: A caller asks about Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit alleging “unlawful acts” by Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia that he believes “invalidate the election results”

2:20:55: Rebecca (from “Liberty Ladies UNITE!”) calls in to talk about the Texas lawsuit


2:26:40: Singing/drumming from The Gathering of Nations in the latest episode of “Learning Pow Wow in the KIVA”

2:38:00: Eddy wants listeners to read a “great write-up” about Kelvin Scarborough, the “unofficial mayor” of ABQ

2:38:20: Your calls round out the show: states join the Texas lawsuit, the NM GOP, Eddy’s definition of luck, Kenny passes away, and destiny

“The Rock of Talk” - Eddy Aragon - 12-9-2020

1:10: MLG’s latest fear porn (and KIVA’s tool to “organize and defeat” her)

6:05: Robert Reich, who’s only “slightly taller” than MLG, admitted the truth back in ought-seven

12:15: Eddy’s quote of the day: “A state of firsts creating nothing but lasts.”

12:25: “Michelle Lujan Grisham is your Dr. Kevorkian” (well, at least his patients had a choice)

14:50: “The Center”, the Waste Isolation Pilot PlantHunter Biden’s connection to BGK Group, and Virgin Galactic

27:10: A caller asks why help from the federal government can’t alleviate New Mexico’s Rona “crisis”

32:10: MLG’s dodgy record as a healthcare bureaucrat

37:50: Cynthia A. Johnson is a thug disguised as a “public servant”

1:00:45: Zeke Emanuel — who works for a 77-year-old’s “task force” — thinks that “by 75, creativity, originality and productivity are pretty much gone for the vast, vast majority of us”

1:02:30: Did Tom Udall do anything useful for his constituents?

1:03:40: Dowd’s deep, deep dive into the election lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (he calls it the “Unified Field Theory of corruption and cheating in 2020”)

1:37:35: Dowd lists specific ways the four “defendant states” broke the rulesPennsylvaniaGeorgiaMichigan, and Wisconsin

1:52:10: At SpaceX’s actual (not pretend) spaceport in Texas, a successful test flight today (although at the end, the vehicle, er, blew up)

1:52:55: Elon Musk has bailed on California for … well, you know where

2:01:40: Eddy offers a heartfelt monologue describing his (unplanned) career in radio, dedication to his home city/state, connection to listeners, and abiding belief that “your insight is what is going to change New Mexico” (“you guys are literally shining through through me to try to change this community”)