Part 4: La Mala Dama (Michelle Lujan Grisham)

Originally published on Friday, May 1st, 2020. At that time we were nearing 60 days of a lockdown and New Mexico had the unfortunate ranking at the time as the most restrictive state

Part 4 was originally published on Friday, May 1st, 2020. At that time we were nearing 60 days of a lockdown and New Mexico had the unfortunate ranking at the time as the most restrictive state.

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Part 4 is below. Thank you for taking the time to read. Leadership is everything in a society. Elections have consequences. We should pay attention to who we choose and why we choose them.

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If you would like to read my initial letter again please see it at this link:

Candidate for NMGOP Chairman 2020

May 1st, 2020

My Dear New Mexicans,

This will be my final open letter to you on the leadership of New Mexico. When I last wrote, I fear my message ended on a bleak note. My apologies for leaving you staring into the abyss of ineptitude created by our current leadership vacuum in Santa Fe. When I first set a few of my thoughts before you this past Easter, barely two weeks ago, I did so with a small amount of optimism. My intent was to point out there is a critical budget issue facing us, and perhaps, in light of this, to stimulate alternative thinking regarding our response to the COVID-19 virus. Sadly, in the interim, the Governor’s response has been to downplay the former while mismanaging the later.

However, some of you may be new to the discussion. And, even for those of you who have been attending all along, Her Governess’ efforts to distract you with fear-mongering data regarding the current COVID-19 situation may have diverted your attention.

So, I will recap my position.

We New Mexicans are suffering from a crisis of leadership. Our most immediate New Mexican crisis is financial. It was looming prior to the arrival of COVID-19, and its genesis lay in Her Governess signing legislation, passed by our partisan, Democrat-controlled State legislature, authorizing a 20 percent increase in our annual budget. This ludicrous increase in ongoing expenditures was justified based on a delusional expectation that the State’s oil industry would remain stable, not only in the face of global economic forces beyond the control of our State government but despite the impact of Her Governess signing additional legislation intended to kill that very same oil industry. In case that doesn’t rise to your personal definition of failing to keep faith with your electorate and protecting their interests, Her Governess signed further legislation increasing our taxes to help pay for her pie-in-the-sky programs.

Our State’s 2020 crisis is really rooted in this year’s precipitous drop in the price of oil arriving before the ink of MLG-D’s signature on the budget was even dry. The loss in revenue demands a special legislative session to cut the bloated budget our myopic Governess approved. The COVID-19 pandemic and associated panic have obscured the budget issue, affording her political cover.

In fact, when the threat of COVID-19 subsides, it is easy to predict MLG-D will claim the economic issues that our State will face in the coming years should be blamed on the virus. She has even managed to garner a New York Times article touting her visionary leadership [sarcasm intended] in applying restrictive measures appropriate to a population center in crisis, such as New York, to one of the least densely populated areas in the nation. As you might expect based on the source, the article sings the praises of the Governor’s repressive “stay at home” order while glossing over the potential influence of other factors, such as demographics and geography, failing to acknowledge that less restrictive measures may have produced comparable results, and ignoring the devastating financial impact of the inconsistent definition of “non-essential” on the state’s small business owners.
The arrival of the virus and associated panic, and Her Governess’ overreaching response, have only exacerbated, not caused, our financial crisis.

And now, states with higher infection rates and population densities are relaxing restrictions on businesses. Even Governors in states with high-population-density flash-points are acknowledging the need for individualizing reopening strategies based on local, county by county conditions. But Her Governess continues to insist that her lockdown orders for us, we New Mexicans, need to obeyed statewide…um, so she can save us.

Instead of presenting us a coherent plan for leading our state forward and reopening our shuttered small businesses, last week she announced she is only now forming committees to develop a reopening strategy while extending the lockdown an additional two weeks. A real leader would have recognized the time for forming the committees was two weeks ago, and now is the time to begin implementing a recovery plan.

I, for one, will not be distracted from the facts. You, MLG-D, signed for a 20% increase in our State budget to buy idealist votes and pay off your political cronies. You, MLG-D, signed legislation intended to destroy the very industry providing the revenue stream essential to truly support your grandiose political fraud. You, MLG-D, quietly signed for tax increases, both direct and indirect, on every New Mexican. And now, you, MLG-D, are exploiting your position as our sitting Governor, using the pandemic to try divert the voters’ attention from your abuse of power and mismanagement of our State.

In so doing, you, MLG-D, are failing to keep faith with the very New Mexicans who elected you. Indeed, with the potential threat of the pandemic subsiding (a fact independent sources identified over a week ago), I not only question your pathetic leadership but also your motives. What else can a rational person do when you claim your goal is “to flatten” a curve that is already heading down? But perhaps you simply don’t understand the mathematics well enough to realize what that implies?

Here’s something else New Mexico’s voters should not forget if you ever run for office again. I am not a lawyer/attorney. You, on the other hand, are. Yet, there are significant legal precedents to suggest your “stay-at-home” order, and your use of the New Mexico State Police to serve “cease and desist” orders to private businesses, has violated the rights of a multitude of individuals under both the New Mexico and US Constitutions. I suspect only competent lawyers can estimate the litigation costs arising from such improper government actions. Still, as voters we should all remember, barring some legal miracle, we citizens of New Mexico will ultimately have to foot that bill as well.

In my last letter, I argued faith, in a secular sense, is crucial to the fabric of a society. I suggested the members of a community must have faith that their shared values will outweigh their personal differences, allowing them to work together for mutual benefit. Finally, I proposed that societies form governments to protect themselves against subversive influences which might threaten the common good.

I discussed the importance that the electorate have faith in government officials working for the benefit of all, and that government officials keep faith with their constituents.

Today, I have laid out evidence I believe supports my argument that MLG-D has failed to keep faith with New Mexico’s citizens. At best, she has exhibited shortsighted decision making in prosperity and fearful paralysis when confronted by adversity. At worst, and I believe the appearance of the New York Times’ piece gives credence to this assessment, she has calculated her actions with regard to the budget and pandemic to further her political aspirations without regard for the impact on the future of our State and fellow citizens.

Pardon my bleak personal assessment of MLG-D’s performance and motives. It is informed by having lived the reality of New Mexico’s one-party state government most of my life. This political dominance by the Democrat Party facilitates individuals such as MLG-D using the backs of New Mexicans as a stepping stone to further their individual political ambition. Adding insult to the injury, Democrats like to claim the negative outcomes can be blamed on a powerless minority political party, and a brainless media usually reports the claims as news.

In spite of the absurdity of the Democrat-Republican political rivalry in New Mexico, I still have faith that we citizens can come together and alter our future. For ultimately, Republican or Democrat isn’t important. The crucial dichotomy is conservative-liberal. Even in the current political atmosphere, colored by a liberal-leaning media, the right conservative candidate can get get a message out. I have faith that, if we continue to shine a light on the mismanagement of our State by our current Governess, as I have tried to do here, we can prepare our fellow citizens to be receptive to the message of conservative candidates. I also have faith that there are enough New Mexicans who hold fundamentally conservative beliefs that such a candidate can get elected.

And so, I want to end on a more positive note today. For based on my faith that many New Mexicans share fundamentally conservative values, I have hope that my observations can prepare us to rally and take back control of our destiny.

If you share my faith, then share the message as well. The more of us who have the courage to speak out, the more we will recognize we are not alone in our beliefs. And the more we can spread the message, the better our chances of realizing our hope for improving the future of New Mexico. When you hear from me next, you will know how to move the State of New Mexico forward.

Best and Warmest regards,

Eddy Aragon – 11th Generation New Mexican

Eddy Aragon is the afternoon host of “The Rock of Talk” which airs on his radio station in Albuquerque, 93.7 FM/AM 1600 KIVA.  He’s a graduate of the University of New Mexico with degrees in Political Science and Economics. He has been recognized by the Albuquerque Journal as Radio Personality of the Year every year since 2017.  He has appeared on Fox News, CNN and over 40 radio shows throughout the country. Eddy is an 11th Generation New Mexican. He can be reached at:

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