Part 2: Incompetent or Insolent? Providing our Governess with Guidance

Originally published on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 as Michelle Lujan Grisham cancelled Easter. It was the first time New Mexico had not celebrated Easter in 327 years.

Please take the time to read this on this Black Friday. I will release part 3 tomorrow on what would be traditionally known as “Small Business Saturday”

My Dear New Mexicans,

When last I addressed you, a mere four days ago, calling attention to a deficit in our political leadership, perhaps I was too deferential. I largely refrained from calling our politicians to account by party affiliation or name. My hope was that speaking in generalities, exhibiting some restraint, and offering constructive suggestions on a less oppressive path forward, I might elicit a more measured and progressive approach to mitigating exposure to the COVID-19 virus. I suggested fostering a resumption of social and economic interactions is crucial to our ability to deal with this current manifestation of the virus. More importantly, though I didn’t state it explicitly, such a response would lay a foundation for our reaction should we face future outbreaks. Sadly, our Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham – Democrat, is continuing to fail us.

As I pointed out last time, what is essential depends on your unique circumstances. If you are a rancher or farmer working outdoors, having appropriate clothing to protect you from the elements is essential. Without it, you risk exposure to multiple hazards, ranging from UV radiation to insects and unnecessary scratches and scrapes which expose you to potentially dangerous infectious agents. That MLG-D’s stormtroopers…excuse me, our State Police…could issue a cease and desist order to Bar G Western Wear in Portales, a small, independent store serving one of the more remote areas of our State, should elicit outrage from every New Mexican. Admittedly, State Representative, Gregg Schmedes – Republican, commented “MLG, you’re wrong. These are the good guys, and they are ESSENTIAL. #TooFar,” and Steve Pearce – Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman, noted, “mom and pop stores in New Mexico need to be spoken for.” While correct in concept, these tepid challenges arrive far too late and are completely inadequate to the level of incompetence being demonstrated by our Governor.

But, there I go again, being differential. In characterizing MLG-D’s actions as incompetent, I may be giving her too much credit. I’m assuming that she recognizes the State’s need for leadership, but simply lacks the skills and fortitude to supply it.

There are two darker possibilities. The first: living in the Democrat Party leadership cesspool…excuse me, bubble…MLG-D is completely ignorant of the needs of the vast majority of her constituents and thus incapable of recognizing where to lead us. The second: MLG-D recognizes our needs, but for personal and political gain she chooses to ignore them.

Regardless of the reason, it is we, the citizens of New Mexico, who are continuing to pay a heavy price.

We need to be the leadership for New Mexico.  Therefore, I would like to direct you to the following website and visit the New Mexico Counties Infections tab.  I have joined up with a Pathologist, Dr. Vann Schaffner as well as Darryl Dunlap, Founder of the New Mexico Patriots, to provide guidance to make a recommendation for our Governor to open up business for New Mexicans.

We have 33 counties and alongside President Donald Trump’s 3 phase “Opening Up America Again” there are certain counties that should never had a shelter in place order.  For example, any county that has not had one single infection. They are the following: Guadalupe, De Baca, Union, Sierra, Mora, and Harding. Each of those counties needs to be opened up immediately.

We should also open up any county that has less than 1 in 25,000 infection ratio in their county.  This is on a 7 day running average and is divided against the total population of that county. For example, Bernalillo County 1 in 30,302 people will be infected with the Corona Virus where McKinley County has a 1 in 2,998 people are infected on a 7 day running average.  These are two distinctly different situations and should be treated as such.

Each of these counties where more than 1 in 25,000 are infected should continue along the same path we are currently on as a state.  The counties are the following: Cibola, McKinley, Sandoval, San Juan, Socorro, and Torrance.

We need to continue to advocate for this data-driven decision on behalf of our citizens and business owners who desperately need to get back to business as usual.  These recommendations also provide a goal for those who haven’t met these criteria and obviously rewards those counties which have achieved a level of containment we can all live with.  Along with the President’s 3 Phase “Opening Up America Again” guidance we should be back to normal here in this beautiful state.

Eddy Aragon is the afternoon host of “The Rock of Talk” which airs on his radio station in Albuquerque, 93.7 FM/AM 1600 KIVA.  He’s a graduate of the University of New Mexico with degrees in Political Science and Economics. He has been recognized by the Albuquerque Journal as Radio Personality of the Year every year since 2017.  He has appeared on Fox News, CNN and over 40 radio shows throughout the country. Eddy is an 11th Generation New Mexican. He can be reached at:

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