NMGOP Chairman Candidate Eddy Aragon "….and to the Republic, and our fair State of New Mexico, for which we Stand!"

Here is a poem that we wrote back in April of this year....

By Eddy Aragon - Candidate for NMGOP Chairman

We solemnly swear to:

RE-member to pray at the opening and closing of all our junctures 

RE-new our commitment to this state, our flag and our Heavenly Father

RE-launch our American existence, our party, our state and our economy

RE-spect the Citizens of New Mexico, the birth of our Nation and the Constitution

Because we solemnly swear to RE-vive our passion for this land and all she’s worth

We are:

Re-winding the clock of 86 years of Democrat domination

Re-directing our anger towards good, rather than destruction

Re-instating those traditions which have been twisted against us

Re-branding our state to the outside world as a priority in America

Because we are RE-sponsible for what we become and where we are going

We can:

RE-generate our economic productivity and societal civility

RE-cover our dignity, our purpose and our truth of our foundations

RE-build our once great state where business thrives and people live their lives

RE-store peace and harmony amongst the citizens and businesses of New Mexico

This is how we can RE-claim the political power in this state

We must:

RE-organize our priorities in this broken system

RE-present all the great people who aren’t sheeple

RE-set the conversation so that we end this stagnation

RE-lieve our business and citizens from power that destroys New Mexico

Because we must RE-pair the lives of our New Mexicans

We will:

RE-move corrupt politicians

RE-volt against the evil of dependency and Socialism

RE-bel against oppressive forces and indoctrination of government and media

RE-sist the progressive takeover of this economy and need to blame each other

And we will RE-Place the Governor who has made us feel helpless

We have:

RE-minded people what we stand for

RE-spected the voters and the citizens

RE-inforced the values which we were founded upon

RE-corded this day and this opportunity and the pursuit of better lives

Because we have only this year of 2020 the year of Reckoning


WE CAN RE-set New Mexico

WE WILL RE-juvinate New Mexico

WE MUST RE-birth New Mexico

RE-joice in our victory in 2020!

REPUBLICANS let’s get the job done!

Eddy Aragon – The Rock of Talk and NMGOP Chairman

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