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**New Feature** LUNCHBREAK: The Rock of Talk Rant or Call of the Day from Last Night

The most entertaining, enlightening and informative piece of the show in the KIVA. As someone says in the KIVA: "Not for the easily offended".

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The Rock of Talk (00:00):

Caller, you are in the KIVA; go ahead.

David "Showkilla" (00:03):

Yeah, the Somali embezzlement thing or fraud thing, but it that the Democrat, New Mexico parties of this sort, that sort, the other sort that's been fairly well known going back. I'm not even from here originally. And I heard all about all kinds of different parties. Some of 'em even making the news things that happened afterward. You know, whether you're talking about a judge Brennan or there's a judge that crashed his car, almost crashed his car into a, after running a red light, he had a bad night. There's some, all those different allegations. And I knew a guy without names, of course, that do fundraising parties, all the Democrats,

The Rock of Talk (00:41):

Fundraising parties like that.

David "Showkilla" (00:43):

Yeah. And there was a bunch of extracurriculars that surrounded that whole thing. But anyway, the Minnesota thing, you say the fraud in Minnesota, people think of pasty white guys, like, like, like me, but I don't. I don't know if you mentioned it cause I was dialing, but that the, it was primarily east African Somali <inaudible> that people that are, are settled there, you know, like Ilhan Omar that, that was behind that. Did you get a chance to mention that?

The Rock of Talk (01:14):

I did not. No. what, what, what do you know, sir?

David "Showkilla" (01:17):

Well, just, just from what I read and read in the news, I, I like everybody else. I hear in the, in the mainstream news, I hear fraud embezzlement 250 million, you know, a quarter billion Minnesota. And they don't say anything else other than that, Minnesota and two 50 million stolen. And so you think of your traditional Minnesotan. So, all right, here.


The Rock of Talk (01:39):

We go. David helps Amy, Amy Marie Bach of apple valley. Bach was the founder and executive director of feeding our future. She oversaw two 40 million fraud schemes carried out by the sites and fed our future sponsorship ABD, a Burnsville, Minnesota 39. Let's see. He is an employee feeding our future who solicited and received bribes and kickbacks. This might be, sounds like these things are being, being kicked, backed into the mosques. What do you think? Salim 33 Plymouth, Minnesota. What did he do? Owner and operator of safari restaurant, a site that received more than 16 million in fraudulent federal child nutrition, called me now a kit Salk 36 of Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Yep. Also, an owner and operator of the same restaurant, safari restaurant Sharif, Omar Hasim. Great Americans. Just great. All American names here. Here we are. OAD Hasim created a company called olive management incorporated site that received approximately 5 million in fraudulent federal child nutrition program funds Abdi boy <laugh> every Smith Jackson and, and Jones in, in the phone book involved in this bad boy.

David "Showkilla" (02:59):

Well, it's Minnesota. It should be, like I've said before, Anderson Olson, Johnson, Peterson, Nelson.

The Rock of Talk (03:06):

Don't mess up my schtick here. Help me out. Stay on this side of the railroad here. AB Abdi Ali.

David "Showkilla" (03:18):

I think I went to high school. I think I went high with those.

The Rock of Talk (03:20):

Guys. He was the center for the Los Angeles Lakers hall of fame. Yeah. ASA leaders, LLC, federal child nutrition program fund AMED, Mohamed art. Here he is a stigma-free intern art registered stigma, free international, a nonprofit entity used to carry out the scheme with sites throughout Minnesota. How about Abir? Is everyone, is that like, is that like naming somebody, John, like Abir Ani Mohamed 30, a Fridley, Minnesota. He also ran the stigma-free Wilmer site. Let's see, <laugh> this I'm gonna go through all of these names. That's how good this is, Asad Mohamed AB I was trying to stay away from these names, but this is just too, too rich. Hamdi Husain, Omar 26, right? 1 million in fraudulent, federal trial nutrition programs, AMED, Abdu GDI, 32 of Minneapolis, Minnesota, federal trial nutrition programs fund. How about Abdi Hamman?


Moham AMED 54 Columbus, Ohio, charged with conspiracy owner and operator of the safari restaurant. Boy, when the gin is good, the gin is good. Do you think these people, do you think any of these people actually know each other? This is all just like just wild circumstance here. How about Abdi sh Farrah of Savage, Minnesota Moham, Jamal Mohamed Ibrahim AB no say I'm getting good at this se ABWA ma a mu Mohamed Charif it's a family affair. Apparently, HYA Mohamed. No. Queen

Kumar, AMED Hassan, 53 of Brooklyn, New York. Look at this SNS. Catering sounds very official. 18 million in the fraudulent federal child nutrition program. It's aha. Moham 61. There it is. She ran a site called academy for youth excellence, Hasan, Huan, Abed, and Moham. I'm nailing this stuff. ABI. I'm gonna be hanging out down the street in no time. Just there it is. Abdu Lee Jaal Abdu, Abdu Ali, every single one. You did not miss a look at you, David. I'm looking for just something, this good there's yeah, there is no John Smith or you know, Hank Jackson and any of these names here. This is it; folks there read him and weep the United States department of justice. There it is the office of public affairs, 47 defendants, and 250 million feeding our future fraud scheme program. And the mainstream media will never say one of those names or their background.

David "Showkilla" (05:56):

They'll say the B name,

The Rock of Talk (05:59):


David "Showkilla" (06:00):

The, one white chick involved the Bach B O C K. They'll say her name, but they won't say the rest of them.

The Rock of Talk (06:06):

She's 41. Did she marry all of them?

David "Showkilla" (06:10):


The Rock of Talk (06:11):

<Laugh> We're having too much fun here, but there it is, ream and weep. It's the truth that hurts.

David "Showkilla" (06:18):

Yeah. There's another thing. I, another thing I noticed in that is that all those guys.

The Rock of Talk (06:23):

You're right. She's white as day. Oh my God. She identifies as Muslim. And I'm, I'm pretty sure here. Yeah, there she is. They, she is the face of the 47. So you have 46 suspects and one white woman. And the only person that is being identified is the white woman. Boy. That's right. That is really something.

David "Showkilla" (06:46):

Yeah, that was, that was glaring. That's why, you know, I heard that, as I said, I heard it on the mainstream news, two 50 million Minnesota. And so I sat on it for half a day, and then I started curiously. It's like, I started thinking like, you know Anderson, Olson, Johnson. I never heard of those guys, maybe some small-time petty stuff, but I never heard of stuff like this. And it's hard to imagine. So I had to look up and see what the family names were. And as of last night the, I could only find two names, one of the north guys and the,

The Rock of Talk (07:17):

There it is. All right. They, they threw in one just for good measure, cuz he represented, you know, 1 46 with them. Take a listen to this. This is her attorney in a bow time, ALA Malcolm X representing her. And they're certainly gonna feed he's ensuring that he's going to feed her to the rules so that nothing happens to the Muslim community. That's where we are. As far as justice in this con, it's an amazing time. This is the apocalyptic Armageddon; whatever you want to go ahead and call, take a listen.

Aimee Bock's Attorney (07:44):

My name is Kenneth Fu do bark, and I represent Amy Bach. How

The Rock of Talk (07:47):

Is she? That's? That is, that's the attorney. Not exactly the attorney that Amy Bach, I think, would probably have hired. Listen, once again. Can

Aimee Bock's Attorney (07:57):

You introduce yourself to us? My name is Kenneth for DOK, and I represent Amy. Paul, how is she doing right now? She's doing fine. She will do better.

White Journalist on Deadline  (08:04):

And is she in custody right now?

Aimee Bock's Attorney (08:07):

She's been processed.

White Journalist on Deadline  (08:08):

And will she be in custody until her arraignment?

Aimee Bock's Attorney (08:12):

I believe

White Journalist on Deadline  (08:13):

So. Is that one o'clock today?

Aimee Bock's Attorney (08:14):

I believe so. Okay.

The Rock of Talk (08:15):

They just, I got this attorney to stand in front of him looking just like this to let him know. Hey, when the rest of the 46, you'll be okay. All 250 million, we pin on Amy B and will all you keep, you keep the money for SNS.

White Journalist on Deadline  (08:30):

And tell me what you just thought about indictments and what they mean or

Aimee Bock's Attorney (08:33):

Don't mean I'm told she's been indicted. I haven't read it yet.

The Rock of Talk (08:36):

You're the attorney idiot. I'm told she's been indicted. I haven't read it yet. I think you would get the document ahead of her indictment to inform you that the indictment is coming, and you would be the one briefing your client. This is how you know, it's like in the details, just stick, you know, right there. There's a, we're not very smart. We'll believe anything we're told,

Aimee Bock's Attorney (09:01):

But even if she's indicted, I'm surprised she's indicted.

The Rock of Talk (09:05):

How smart is this man? Even if she's indicted, I'm surprised she was just indicted. What is the bipolar, stupid, crazy working on the other side of the team? Listen to this very slow process with me.

Aimee Bock's Attorney (09:18):

I'm told she's been indicted. I haven't read it yet, but even if she's indicted, I'm surprised she's indicted. Cuz I didn't think,

The Rock of Talk (09:26):

Did you hear that, David? That's incredible. One, one more time. It's so good. I, I can't let that go. I’m

Aimee Bock's Attorney (09:31):

Surprised that she was indicted. Cause I didn't think the government would charge you, but she's indicted.

The Rock of Talk (09:37):

The government's gonna go after the white woman she's gonna, and she's gonna self-sacrifice for it. Right? I think that's it. So here's him following up on how long

White Journalist on Deadline  (09:47):

Would you expect this process to last this trial process that

Aimee Bock's Attorney (09:50):

Do we go there? I, I believe there's a lot volume of people and a year.

White Journalist on Deadline  (09:58):

Is there anything you wanna say to the parents, children who relied on D government money for food who might be questioning what happened here and why

Aimee Bock's Attorney (10:07):

It's an unfortunate situation? My client meant, well, she still means well, and we hope that the jury will see that all she did was final help.

The Rock of Talk (10:20):

Folks. The Muslim communities get to keep all the money. David, there it is. They got to camp, they were underserved, and we'll figure out a way to ensure these people can keep the two 50 million. All you have to do is sell your soul and you can go ahead and, and if you don't have a soul and you don't care about a soul, and you just wanna go straight to hell, you can participate in that as well. And maybe that is exactly where she's at. So is it the child and adult color program, summer food service, SNS catering, or all this happening in Minneapolis? I spent nine days in Minneapolis, and I will tell you, there is a stigma-free feeding for our future. Let's see what else we got here. We've got wow. I, I listed a number of these, but this is, this is it. This is what happened during COVID-19. They handed out this money, and they bought the votes, and they got Ima to go ahead and win by what, four points in her Democrat primary. So there you go.

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David "Showkilla" (11:09):

Yeah. Notice something else. When you listed out the facts, those guys address they've what's the Jefferson theme song moving on up. Ilhan Omar is a, a district where they put a lot of the north African refugees in the Cedar, Riverside area by the university of Minnesota west bank. None of those addresses are Cedar, Riverside, or Ilhan Omar's district at all. They're all out in the nice suburbs

The Rock of Talk (11:38):

And yet they're all donating to her. All of them are donating to,

David "Showkilla" (11:42):

Right? Yes. Yeah, exactly. They, they like the article says there she's had numerous fundraisers, high-level fundraisers at the safari front.

The Rock of Talk (11:55):

Yeah, go Jefferson hanging out there. Sherman Hemsley. Yep. They got their money and gotta make sure by the way it is very nice, nice digs down. Minneapolis St. Paul, have you been down there?

David "Showkilla" (12:10):

Wells, where I grew

The Rock of Talk (12:11):

Up really?

David "Showkilla" (12:13):

I've I know every inch of that city.

The Rock of Talk (12:15):

Yeah. You know, it's the third best place for fortune 500 companies. I'm not sure if you're aware of that, but the target. Yeah. what United health. I mean, you've got the mall of America. You gotta take a little journey of the ways, but that's certainly fine, but boy, you it's always nice to see, you know, a black man walk on a white man's back. Has you know, of course, what I'm talking about here is the grill now we up in the big league, it's you and me, nothing wrong with that moving. Oh no, oh, they're all gonna get free. Why you wanna, they, why they're gonna get free? I'll tell you why. Cause they can afford the attorney's fees, and they know people like Elma and the G of for, but boy, that was the weirdest.

David "Showkilla" (13:08):

Yeah. In Minneapolis. Don't forget. Minneapolis is, you know, incredibly liberal. Oh yeah. City county, state government. And so the prosecutor, unless they use, I get, well, I guess there, there must be some federal prosecution. Does it say in there, whether these are federal charges or

The Rock of Talk (13:24):

It's federal. It's a department of justice there it's I just, I read it. Okay.

David "Showkilla" (13:27):

So it comes, comes down to, what the federal courts, federal prosecutors in the Minneapolis region how left are,

The Rock of Talk (13:36):

Man. You know how left they are left field and out of their minds, but there its David, I appreciate you jumping out. I gotta read some texts, right?

David "Showkilla" (13:43):


The Rock of Talk (13:44):

All right. Cool. Thanks. Appreciate that. Appreciate having fun. The little report who knew a department of justice report could be so fun. Ah, Eddie, stop talking like that. Don't read those names.