KIVA has always put listeners first. And as such, for the good of our audience, it’s time to make some adjustments.

Sean Hannity will continue to air daily, but “FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace” is gone. So are Dana Perino and Chris Stirewalt.

In fact, Fox News Radio itself will no longer be heard on the station. On Monday, USA Radio Network, which “produces and distributes 24-hour news, news/talk, information, opinion and talk/entertainment radio programming to approximately 500 radio stations around the world,” assumed news-update duties.

KIVA has established a Parler account, and Rumble will soon replace our YouTube channel. Dan Bongino will air every weeknight at 7:00 PM, right after “The Rock of Talk.” On Saturdays, between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm, “Liberty Ladies Unite” -- with homegrown talents Rebecca Allen and Natalie Mathis -- will air live.

A few days from now, we’ll announce another change to our content. And it’ll be big.

Why such a substantial shake-up?

It’s clear that the monstrosity that has resulted from the fusion of Big Media and Silicon Valley cannot be trusted. If anyone needed more proof, it was delivered, in droves, last week. “Calling” states that were obviously still competitive, ignoring credible allegations of ballot tampering/fraud, anointing Joe Biden the next president -- the information gatekeepers worked overtime to deliver the results that they wanted. (As Tucker Carlson noted, well before Election Day and its aftermath, Trump supporters’ voices were being silenced, and inconvenient facts about Joe Biden’s business dealings were not being reported.)

In response, millions of Americans are wisely changing their media-consumption habits. Sick of being manipulated -- if not blatantly lied to -- they’re canceling social-media accounts, signing up for new digital platforms, ditching newspaper subscriptions, ending cable/satellite services, and exploring their options for podcasts.

KIVA’s doing its part in the revolution against a media monolith that cares nothing for truth, and puts its greed and bias above the need for free speech and vigorous public discourse. 

Our listeners deserve the best news, research, and commentary we can deliver. And our commitment to you has never been stronger.

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