Mail-in Ballots Represent New Paradigm in U.S. Elections

By Dan Butterfield

Whenever there is anything new, regardless of what it is, it takes time to work out all the kinks

Mail-in ballots represent such a paradigm shift.

Given mail-in ballots, (not absentee ballots) are a new experience for America’s election system—why wasn’t greater scrutiny applied to them?

Why were they treated as just another vote?

In truth, with the instrument of absentee ballots already in place why introduce mail-in ballots?

Perhaps more troubling for American voters seeking a fair and honest election, why didn’t mail-in ballots require the same level of protocols/protections assigned to absentee ballots?

It should be pointed out, mail-in ballots were not supported by Republicans—they were driven by Democrats and the Coronavirus.

The issue: How to ensure a clean election in the new world order of “mail-in ballots.” 

Should mail-in ballots be treated differently?


Evidence of widespread abuses have already been reported.

In Texas, a social worker signed up 67 residents of a nursing care facility. None of the residents had given Kelly Reagan Brunner their consent—yet she signed them up to receive mail-in ballots—she now faces 134 counts of voter fraud.

In fact, a number of the residents of the long-term facility had been found mentally incompetent therefore ineligible to vote

In Nevada, mail-in ballots were mailed out to residents without being requested.

How can residents of Nevada or the country for that matter have confidence in the results coming from Nevada? 

They can’t.

Where was the chain of custody—where was the control.

It didn’t exist in Nevada.

It is likely the lenient rules associated with mail-in ballots have been abused by others.

In Michigan, Richard Baris, director of Big Data Poll, claims he has uncovered evidence nearly 10,000 dead Michiganders voted in 2020.

Added to the dead were 2,000 centenarians, those individuals who had attained the lofty age of 100 years of age or older.

Statically the sheer number of Michigan centenarians represents an oddity.

Having the dead vote is nothing new—in 1960 JFK won the Presidency with the aid of Cook County Illinois’ dead—now the dead have one more way to cheat death and the American election system—mail-in ballots.

It would be pollyannish to believe the lax rules associated with mail-in ballots didn’t lead to abuses.

The question: What should be done to circumvent the inherent weak precautions associated with mail-in ballots?

The straightforward answer—segregate mail-in ballots from other votes.

In effect, treat mail-in ballots differently.

Mail-in ballots should not be taken at face value—counties should have to prove to the public the legitimacy of these votes before they are added to the vote tallies.

Will this additional scrutiny lead to a lag in election results—absolutely.

But this is the price that needs to be paid to ensure this new form of voting hasn’t been abused to cheat American’s of their vote.