Sep 18, 2022 • 2HR 53M

Liberty Lovers UNITE! September 17th, 2022

SAFE-T or Insanity?

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0:00 Welcome to Day 604 of America under Siege
655,801 WuFlu deaths on Biden’s Watch
AND 30,796 Vax Deaths and 5,009 Miscarriages as of Sept 2

0:09 Snopes does their best to defend the SAFE-T act...

0:20 Illinois Crime Statistics

0:35 A fancy cover for "defunding" the police

0:47 Jeremy Gay beats the lawsuit to keep him off the ballot

0:57 How to make your vote count as much as possible (pic)
- Bring your own pen! (blue ball point) DO NOT USE the felt tip marker!
- Ask to see the seal on the tabulatore BEFORE you cast your vote
- Write down your number once your ballot is cast
- Write down the tabulator number
- Track your vote at the Voter Portal
- If you're told you already voted, that is ID theft, call your sheriff from the polls!
- Hold on to your mail in ballot, take it with you as proof
- Drop-box watch parties in your neighborhood
- Drop-box camera footage can be IPRA'd!

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