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Liberty Lovers UNITE! November 26th, 2022, Full Show, Podcast & Notes

It's Time for CHANGE!

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The Rock of Talk - Eddy Aragon
Liberty Lovers UNITE!
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0:00 Welcome, Freedom-Loving, Basket of Ultra MAGA Deplorable Lizard People!!!
to Day 674 of America under Siege
681,586 WuFlu deaths on Biden’s Watch
AND 32,370 Vax Deaths and 4,597 (down from 5,120?) Miscarriages as of Nov 18
0:02 Taking a closer look at the VAERS Covid Miscarriage numbers, Then and NOW

0:40 Good Friday Shopping Numbers

0:42 Biden slowing down oil leasing in NM

0:46 But Oil Production in Venezuela may Increase

0:57 The UN wants 10 Trillion a year!

1:03 Retain your RIGHT to pursue happiness


Happy birthday...Anna Mae Bullock born 1939.

Charles Shulz birthday...born in 1922.

Released this day 2010.

1:26 Special Guest: Jeanne Saxon, Christmas Concert Showcase

LIberty Nat will be singing!

1:35 How COVID lockdowns affected the performing arts

1:50 #DiedSuddenly Documentary

1:58 It's time for CHANGE in the NM GOP, Eddy's running for party Chair!

2:11 Pastor Steve Smotherman endorses Eddy

2:14 The Rock of Talk, Eddy Aragon, hilights GOP failures in NM and how we can change

2:31 MAGA Man – Fired up for Eddy to head up the Republican Party!

2:36 Mountain Bike John – How was your Thanksgiving? Eddy gives him a spot! ABQ Bike report, 100 miles biking around Albuquerque

2:45 How YOU can help get Eddy us

Just say NO to TYRANNY! Resistance is NOT Futile! STAY FREE!!!

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