Jan 23, 2022 • 2HR 59M

Liberty Lovers UNITE! January 22, 2022

Further Tyranny and Mass Psychosis

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0:00 Welcome to Day 366 of America under Siege
467,026 WuFlu deaths on Biden’s Watch
AND 22,193 Vax Deaths and 3,692 Miscarriages as of Jan 14

0:04 Constitution Class: Twenty-First Amendment

0:11 Interpretation and failure of this “Noble Experiment”

0:27 Letter from John D Rockefeller on Prohibition

0:34 Bill Rehm’s proposed bill to cut down on robberies

0:39 Timmy boy finally acknowledges our crime problem…

0:50 Is Timmy prepping the way for MLG’s legislation for “presumption of guilt”

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