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Liberty Lovers UNITE! December 3rd, 2022, Full Show, Podcast & Notes

The Tyranny Continues

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Liberty Lovers UNITE!
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0:00 Welcome, Freedom-Loving, Basket of Ultra MAGA Deplorable Lizard People!!!
to Day 683 of America under Siege
681,943 WuFlu deaths on Biden’s Watch
AND 32,370 Vax Deaths and 4,597 (down from 5,120?) Miscarriages as of Nov 18

0:02 US Debt Clock

0:04 FREE Christmas Concert Sat and Sun! Nat is singing, come see us!

0:08 JetBlue Won’t Hire Unvaccinated Pilots, but Hired Violent Felon To Fly Planes

0:19 China's white paper protests, worker protests,
Apple strangely silent and disables AirDrop in China
Biden uses this as opportunity to push boosters
Watch The Last Train Home
CCP response to dragging off BBC Reporter...
WaPo's Cry Baby Cheers on CCP Lockdowns

0:50 FTX was just the money launderer and influence peddler
Make way for the CBDC, what is it?
CBDC in Nigeria already flopped

1:10 San Francisco wants to let robots use "deadly force", Joe thinks it's bonkers!

1:20 SMART Cities can be turned into concentration the name of safety

PUKE LED technology in our street lights?

Beware SMART systems, like Googles Nest Thermostat
Colorado citizens saw how digital thermostats worked out


2:00 Alternative phone handset: Pine phone, Solutions to Surveillance

2:14 ABQ installing new SMART traffic signals!

2:25 We need a change in the Republican Party, Eddy Aragon!

2:35 The Skinny on the Balenciaga Scandal: How it Started

2:40 Kids with bondage bears

2:45 Hidden Satan Worship?

2:48 It get's worse...

Just say NO to TYRANNY! Resistance is NOT Futile! STAY FREE!!!

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