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Liberty Lovers UNITE! December 17th, 2022, Full Show, Podcast & Notes

MLG Wants MORE $$$

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Liberty Lovers UNITE!
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0:00 Welcome Christ-following, Freedom-Loving, Basket of Ultra MAGA Deplorable Lizard People – and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Day 688 of America under Siege
689,794 WuFlu deaths on Biden’s Watch (1,087,405 - 397,611)
AND 32,828 Vax Deaths and 4,623 Miscarriages as of Dec 9

VAERS Alternative

US Debt Clock

0:06 J-Bird's Merry Christmas-less incident

0:10 Jill Biden says "screw you, Christians"

0:18 Biden Admin Considering Sending More Troops to Ukraine to ‘Track Arms’ (get USA troops involved directly in the war)

0:32 Ronna McDaniels living the life of a Millionaire

0:42 Biden offers $55 Billion in U.S. taxpayer funds to Africa…


MLG Wants More

0:50 MLG's HSD want more money to keep COVID programs going

1:01 DC has the highest median income AND almost the highest unemployment rate in the country. And then there's New Mexico...

1:12 MLG’s PED wants more of our tax $$$

1:20 The economy is good, 1.1 billion in new money! Rebates for all!

1:24 Wait, wasn’t that Ronchetti’s idea?

1:30 New Mexico: the land of murder and money

1:39 Poll for Christmas Show - And the Winner is...

Happy birthday "PacMan" Manny Pacquiao...born this day in 1978.

Ernie Hudson...born on this day in 1945.

#1 on the UK chart in 1973...and it's been released every decade since 1973.

1:52 Merry Christmas Lujan Grinch – Our first parody returns!

2:01 Chrystler plant closing due to...

2:08 It is no longer speculation. What we said was happening is confirmed.

Check out the Died Suddenly Documentary

2:15 Nasal Vax is coming

2:23 Buckle up, here comes the next "Contagion Catastrophe"

2:26 ShowKilla Dave – Ivermectin and HCQ for COVID

2:38 Dictionary Dave – Dr. Peter McCullough’s book and his experience with HCQ

2:55 Mountain Bike John – biking across ABQ, Old Town

Just say NO to TYRANNY! Resistance is NOT Futile! STAY FREE!!!

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