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Liberty Lovers UNITE! December 10th, 2022, Full Show, Podcast & Notes

Brit-Brit Gets Traded, Take a Poll

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0:00 Welcome, Freedom-Loving, Basket of Ultra MAGA Deplorable Lizard People!!!

to Day 681 of America under Siege
686,820 WuFlu deaths on Biden’s Watch
AND 32,3621 Vax Deaths and 4,615 Miscarriages as of Dec 2
0:02 US Debt Clock

0:04 Biden bails out pension plan, forgets sick leave and gives Jen Abruzzo a cherry job

0:17 Walker v Warnock vote tally

0:19 Brit-Brit: "It was Brittney or no one", NBC changed the story
Saudi Arabia and UAE take credit for brokering the trade
It's the USA's fault for not paying her enough?
Russia is anti-LGBT
Biden left behind a Marine, Whelan, who was set up
Even Trump wouldn't release the Merchant of Death
Whelan's remarks vs his own brother
NFL wife unloads about the Griner trade

0:42 Mittens calls Trump a WHAT!!

0:46 Sinema, Dem no more?

0:47 Take the Poll for Christmas & New Year's Eve shows


0:49 Melanie Stansbury linked to Ghislaine Maxwell, reminiscent of FTX much?


RIP Darren Robinson, aka The Human Beat Box, died 12/10/95 at 28 years old.

Fats Domino, aka The Fat Man, for Imperial Records began recording the album this song is from on this day in 1949. He is the OG Fat music anyway.

1:15 J-Bird gets a great email idea!

1:17 MAGA Man – answers trivia from 2 weeks ago! All he wants for Christmas

1:36 Tim – Kari Lake got hosed in AZ, the US contracted with Victor Bout in Iraq war

1:56 Dictionary Dave – Biden is the WORST, but remember Obama?

2:05 Anne – Balenciaga name origins?

2:11 What is wrong with this church???

2:22 Thomas – takes issue with some of our views...J-Bird be like: hold my beer!

Just say NO to TYRANNY! Resistance is NOT Futile! STAY FREE!!!

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