Liberty Ladies UNITE! for Saturday, November 14th, 2020


Liberty Ladies UNITE! for Saturday, November 14th, 2020

Live Saturday’s on “The Rock of Talk” 1pm on Saturday’s.

Rebecca's UNMH experience, ER mostly empty

The Great Lakes Justice Center is suing Detroit and Wayne County for voter fraud

1st caller: Also hears that hospitals are almost empty, 

Mandates don't exist in law, only in specific judicial circumstances

Caller Chris, ICU nurse, 10 years UNMH, COVID Unit – March-April, low staffed. NOW, they are better staffed. Double occupancy rooms. UNM has 3 ICU's. Long turn around time for deaths. People are getting better. Treatments not really effective, remdesivir, antibodies. Covid attacks circulatory system. Now getting travel ICU nurses. ICU turnover is high.

Michael: bio weaponized virus?

Reading through some of the election fraud claims in Detroit law suit

Michael 2: Dominion election software connection to Soros?

Leo: CNA - getting former candidates and patriots to call for recount in NM. 130+ yr old voted! Call your local reps/senators, call the DOJ. May need $6 million to effect recount.

Turn off cable news, turn on!

Jeff: Received FB msg, President requesting snail mail from the people.

Demand recounts, election transparency, VOTER ID. 

CA Governor Newsom's caught committing party hipocrisy

Lynn - from CO on the way to AZ - TikTok, Hammer and Scorecard. More votes in some counties/states than registered voters.

Mike - veteran, was a loyal listener of 770KKOB, soooo disappointed in them! Has had voting issues as republican, had to switch to democrat to be able to vote!

David Calls in to give evidence that our state IS the Land of Entrapment 

Pastor Tony Spell in Louisiana fighting against attack on religious freedom, his case will finally be heard by US Supreme Court.

MJ - Voter Supression, has a letter that he couldn't vote this year. Re-registered as a democrat

Peggy and her canaries - why can't voting be connected with our SS#? We need Republican presence

Lynn again - veteran. Media using  "unfounded" instead of “alleged” to describe voter fraud. BLM (Burn Loot Murder), racist movement. Civil war theory? A war of ideas.

Jan gives us an analogy - If prices at grocery stores can be misread and misrepresented, why not our votes? Also had issues voting as republican, had to switch to democrat.

Daniel - Governor Lujan was given money for proper disposal of PPE, she has done NOTHING about that

Judy - Trump campaign, voting FRAUD HOT LINE 187-SAVE-VOTES

Election battleground states update

Leo again -, for local NM voter fraud and recount. Fear Factors: how fear works, cognitive dissonance, 

Ben - Our rights, not needs!

Lujan's abuse of emergency alert system

Deborah - Mandates, governor using authorities to issue citations, according to abq journal. NM Supreme court decision

Lawyers being contracted by the State of NM, paid to not do their jobs?

Fear as a combat multiplier, government using fear as a tool.

Joanie – Does NM use Dominion in elections?

Art – History of voter fraud, 1960 Nixon v. Kennedy election hinged on Illinois, Cook County. “Vote early, vote often!”

Chris (our first heckler!) disagrees with us on…everything! But forgot to bring facts…We get to extend the show!

Dave – Recognized that Chris used the Alinsky tactics, 12 Rules for Radicals. “Participation” Trophy of the day! People are also panic buying again thanks to MLF fear mongering.

Sam – our most persistent caller, he gets the “dedication” trophy!

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