Liberty Ladies UNITE! Merry Christmas Edition 2020


Dec 19, 2020

0:03 Rebecca Rants – Freedoms traded for Fear.

0:08 Natalie responds: Is passing a virus now equated with manslaughter?

0:15 Rebecca’s Walmart maskless experience

0:20 Joe Bonehead “sick and tired of smart guys”! Rules for radicals #4

0:23 Zuck gives $400 mil to election groups

0:24 Judges refusing to HEAR cases about election, NOT saying there’s no fraud

0:29 Manuel – How to shop at Costco inspite of unconstitutional mask mandates? How to push back and still be socially acceptable? for more info

0:39 Lisa – Wears shoe coverings but no mask when shopping…does “shoe shaming” and makes employees wipe down carts!

0:44 Manuel again – How to push back against employers?

0:50 Angelo – His maskless strategy. He can’t get a mask exception letter from a Dr.

1:55 EEOC’s take on places of public accommodations.

1:59 Melvin – Lawyers contracted by state so they can’t bring suits against the state. RICO laws apply?

1:07 Roy – 1st time caller, Video by Ben Swan, why face masks don’t work according to science,

1:11 Wearing a used mask could be worse than no mask

1:21 Natalie presents: La Grincha, who stole Christmas… 

1:25 Caller on the vaccine, possible path to victory for Trump. Reps and Senators open to objecting electoral count.

1:31 Joe biden’s clip admitting to “voter fraud organization”

1:32 George – with weird early voting experience.

1:41 Is the SoS voter portal “down”?

1:43 Ribs BBQ in Cedar Quest giving out Legislative Action Packets (or email for e-copy). Emergency powers restraint act will be up in the next legislative session.

1:50 Super Un-fan, Chris, calls us “Fascist Girls”. Definition time! 

1:56 Caller says there’s a “Cabrona” virus! MLG is a domestic terrorist.

1:59 Caller doesn’t agree that masks and lines are political. Also doesn’t know how big wuhan virus particles are. Education time!

2:09 Ray – Protest in DC, Jan 6! Let’s get out there!

2:12 Mike – Calls the governor’s office all the time! What will be done for disabled vets? No in person consultations.

2:18 Chris – Super Un-fan, calls to disagree. Our liberty is limited by other’s liberties?? Masks efficacy, NY Post Article, and related study on Effects of Mask Wearing.

2:37 Caller comments on Chris, mask madness engenders fear. 

2:41 Original fan, thinks Chris is a Marxist. Lenin “tell a lie long enough and people will believe it”, Hitler, “tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth.” Is the mask mandate a law?

2:45 Eddy joins in with his experience.

2:50 Eddy points out Manny Gonzales’ hypocrisy in his bid for election.

3:03 Talking heads and politicians implicit in the subjugation of this state.

3:07 Eddy gives the latest stats and finishes off Manny Gonzales’ hypocritical ad

3:17 We NEED to take back Albuquerque, take back our state!

Resistance is NOT futile! Merry Christmas!