Liberty Ladies Unite for Saturday, December 12th, 2020


Liberty Ladies UNITE! Dec 12

Show Notes 12:57pm

Rebecca’s monologue, from the Atlas Society

Chadwick Moore, an example of the leftist lack of diversity of thought

0:00 WHO changed the definition of Pandemic in 2009

0:03 Rally’s in NM

0:06 Election Fraud! 

0:15 Supreme Court declines to hear TX lawsuit

0:36 /:09 Video of voter fraud in GA part of lawsuit evidence

0:13 Rudy Giulianni gets statement from Clarence Thomas

0:16 Michigan Lawmaker, Cynthia Jackson THREATENS Trump supporters

0:20 Big tech is “burning the books” of history

0:25 Joseph – Cynthia Jackson, MI Rep, wants Biden and Kamala to reciprocate for her work. Also Trump’s 2018 exec order foreign interference in elections, and troop movements

0:31 Cyber Civil War

0:34 Ruling from Supreme Court 1866

0:39 Jennifer – Keeps hearing: It’s not “enough” to overturn an election?

0:46 Leo calls in from Santa Fe rally at the roundhouse. BLMer got arrested for attacking a protester. April Marie, grassroots coordinator, gives update on the rally and caravan.

0:57 The Who: We Won’t be Fooled Again

1:07 Natalie’s monologue, Freedom and Hope

1:27 Government can’t GIVE you Liberty. They’ve painted themselves corner over coronavirus

1:34 Time to get conservatives to run for local offices, city, county, school boards!

1:38 Steve Pearce re-elected as NM GOP Chair, reeeeeally?

1:39 Tim, Los Lunas – RNC is ineffective. 

1:46 CNN: ‘Don’t Be Alarmed’ if People Start Dying After Taking the Vaccine

1:48 2nd rule for Radicals: “Never go outside the expertise of your people.”:

1:54 Commie News is no longers real news, propaganda. Radio tower in Puerto Rico destroyed!

1:59 Rebecca defines conspiracy theory

2:02 3rd Rule for Radicals: “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.”

2:06 David -  Mayor Hicks in Grants fighting MLG, in court, not enforcing mandates. 

2:12 Caller wants to know if it’s over for Trump after the Supreme Court decision.

2:15 Charles – even virologist’s don’t wear cloth masks when dealing with viruses! Mask shaming example.

2:18 Loretta – concerned about vaccines

2:22 Dave – People who’ve tested positive don’t need to wear a mask