Liberty Ladies UNITE! for Saturday, November 28th, 2020


Liberty Ladies UNITE! for Saturday, November 28th, 2020

Live Saturday’s on “The Rock of Talk” 1pm on Saturday’s.

00:00 Turkey Talk! What we're thankful for. Macy's pathetic sham parade.

00:14 What Mark is thankful for, 3 legged pig story

00:23 J-Bird gives the Nm Crisis and Access line, 855-662-7474

00:27 Saul Alinsky, his origins and his purpose for writing 12 Rules for radicals

00:42 1st Rule for Radicals: Power is not only what you have but what your enemy THINKS you have.

00:56 Melvin – Had family Thanksgiving gather, including 94 yr old grandma!

00:58 Ben – his mom, Natalie, is a new listener!

01:00 Sam – Ostracizing non-mask wearers. What a coincidence grocery stores are getting shut down around thanksgiving. Innacurate testing. Dr Summers mentioned Africa has low case numbers because they’ve been taking HCQ for years. French virologist says Covid genome is half malaria, half HIV.

01:11 HCQ restrictions in NM, map at Americas Frontline doctors. NM regulation on HCQ. And HOW to get HCQ. WHY HCQ should be available.

01:24  Betty, elderly “China” Virus patient, had HCQ treatment immediately, is doing well!

01:32 Challenge to Medical Professionals – remember your Hippocratic oath!

1:45 Stephanie Lord – Rep elect District 22 – At roundhouse on Tuesday, update on special session and Emergency Covid Relief Bill

01:53 The CARES Act money scam

01:59 Open Meetings Act, are our Courts and Legislatures really required to be transparent?

02:04 Will the governess open us up after vaccines get rolled out?

02:07 What happened to being physically present for legislative sessions? When will that start again?

02:12 We need to keep looking at voter integrity in NM, and win elections by LANDSLIDES.

02:13 ABQ city council planning on introducing bill Dec 7 to further enforce public health orders

02:24 Kiron – City council can’t actually pass laws, courts usually dismiss those.

02:53 Penalties for “violators of public health orders” up to $500/90 days in jail

02:37 Suzanne “Super-UN-fan” thinks we’re CRAZY and wants to boycott our advertisers!!!

02:39 CALL city councilors before Dec 7, Find my councilor

02:40 Sam - Government acting like the mob. Experience in Bruce King’s office at the roundhouse.

02:46 Caroline from Los Lunas – idea for Sr. Militia branch.

02:52 Melvin again – Remind the city council members what happened with the red light cameras!

02:54 Ashley – heard about Suzanne wanting to boycott our advertisers, so she wants to support us!

03:00 Ben (our super recruiter!) – ANOTHER listener, sister Christina T

03:04 Rebecca goes on a Treky tangent…Resistence is NOT futile

03:06 Jared (plumber, movie extra, heavy metal singer) – a fan and fellow Treky! And an Alex Jones fan. And an extra on Breaking Bad. He and Rebecca reminisce on their extra experiences. Equates the Borg with MLG! The gas jokes fly!

03:29 David Olsen – Also was in breaking bad! We don’t have to be the victims, We the People can “withdraw our consent and dissolve the government”. Remind government “enforcers”, you will be held accountable. NM Constitution includes “Emergency Powers” section, which requires involvement of legislature.