Liberty Ladies UNITE! for Saturday, December 5th, 2020


Liberty Ladies for 12/5/2020

Show opening intro

Natalie out this week due to family business

Introduced guest co-host Joe

Discussed break in and vandalism at KIVA transmitter at Crest

Topics for todays show:

David Horowitz monologue and discussion

Supreme Court ruling on New York church lockdown

Election fraud update

Mask Mania stories

Rebecca reads David Horowitz article entitled “Fighting Words”

Discussed how governors, especially NM Gov Grisham is trying to make people think that rights are privileges

Discussed when the war on freedom began nearly fifty years ago

Patriotic Americans have trouble organizing and agreeing on things

Democrats work in lockstep by a common playbook without and critical thinking

The meaning of Liberal has changed from what it was back in the 60's

Liberal is now Socialist, Communist, Totalitarian

Story about camping trip where someone there asked, “What's wrong with Communism”?

Seinfeld refuses to perform at Universities anymore. Liberals have no sense of humor

Democrats attack people personally and support groups like and BLM

Bill Barr makes statement that there is no evidence of election fraud

Lots of evidence. Why can't Bill Barr see it?

Rebecca and Joe tell recent stories of people behaving mentally ill over mask mandates

Rebecca tells story of party last weekend with band, food, and boos. Felt like freedom

Rebecca and Joe discuss Supreme Court decision concerning lockdown of churches in New York. Why was the 1st Ammendment not invoked in a unanamous decision?

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