Liberty Ladies UNITE! for Saturday, November 21st, 2020


Liberty Ladies UNITE! for Saturday, November 21st, 2020

Live Saturday’s on “The Rock of Talk” 1pm on Saturday’s.

00:01 Election Fraud - Dominion voting system origins

00:15 Deb - Company in Spain is buying PNM

00:19 Truck driver Mike - witnessed Trump support  ALL over the country. 

00:27 James - Comments on Rudy and Sydney Powell.

00:32 Possible election fraud in NM, 180,000 ballots possibly impacted.

00:35 Flat earth guy likes the show

00:36 Gayle, poll challenger - RPNM has a voter fraud submission form on webpage. Also, voters showing up not knowing their registration address, had to look up their registration through SOS website.

00:45 Jim - received mail in ballots, knows of someone who received 8 in the mail

00:46 Mary - used to work in criminal law. Lawyers don't talk about cases because criminals might flee justice.

00:48 Judy - Our governess went to Spain to discuss PNM sale, campaign kickback? KIVA covered it, Eddy and Larry Behrens.

00:53 Rose - PRC was taken away from voters and changed to appointment by Governess. Was the fix in?

00:55 Tom - Lujan's a Nazi! 

00:57 Leo - Voter fraud update: part of Recount NM committee, population of San Miguel county 27,277(Las vegas), Mora county 4521, Gaudalupe county 4341. Total 36,139 population. 20k voter ID's with problems - including his own! 

01:11 James - Why aren't republican candidates speaking out against voter fraud?

01:15 Don't give up, don't give in! Call your representatives. Trump rally is happening at the Capitol now.

01:22 Donna in AZ - listeners in AZ!

01:26 Chris - Election fraud should be of bipartisan interest. And where was the FBI this whole time if Dominion has been used in NM since 2013?

01:30 Dominion Servers in CIA facility in Germany???

01:36 Dominion officials skipped a hearing and lawyered up in PA

01:38 David - President's Legal team very encouraging. NM Statute 12-10-2, limits governess' powers during an emergency. Sending us an article outlining this.

01:40 Push for Extraordinary Session to limit the governor's powers, CALL your Legislators to sign on!

01:50 Rebecca's experience at Fedex and pizza parlor

01:50 Civics 101 lesson, "I'm just a Bill"

2:00 Examples of Emotional abuse, a la Wuhan Lujan

2:09 Dave - loves the school house rock. Ballot chain of custody could use Army postal service example.

2:13 Eddy - 21 mile long caravan to Rally today! Special Session on Tuesday, concerning death panel and "prioritizing care". Grocery Stores being closed during Thanksgiving week across the state.

CALL YOUR Legislators!!! Tell them NOT to give the governess more power!

02:27 Regan - 7 yr old fan from AZ

02:30 Delivery driver – 75 people is approx 1.75% of total capacity for a Sams/Costco

02:33 Jan with the cat - would like a list of websites for news:
Rush Limbaugh

02:40 Charles - Judge is holding up Gen. Flynn's case. Watches NTD news:

Almost all of Dominions employees removed themselves from LinkdIn

02:49 Jay from Tijeras - call, text, email their legislators! And encourage impeachment,, it has to be done while legislature is in session.

02:55 Anti-lockdown protesters being arrested in other countries.

03:00 Danish study, 6000+participants. DANMASK-19 - 42% of covid-19 deaths occur in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

03:10 Melvin - Native Americans afraid to go to doctors, because if family members die in hospital care all they get back is ashes - which denies them last rites.

03:13 James - get loved ones out of nursing homes.

03:15 MRC-5 in vaccines

03:29 Frank, Rio Rancho - used to be a leftist journalist, now Trump supporter. Machine election fraud in Guatemala, machines went down for hours, then election results reversed.

03:31 Audrey – came from Rally in Santa Fe today. Mom of small daughter said "those people are DANGEROUS!" 

03:35 ABQ city council planning on voting on measure to give city officials the authority to fine up to $500 for violating governess' health edicts.

03:38 Frank calls back! He’s seen machine voter fraud process in other countries, corporate takeover of media in the 80's.

03:46 Charles, repeat caller - I don't want the government to protect me from myself. HEK-293 fetal cells in vaccines and FOOD!

03:51 Linda - her and husband in 70's, scared to go to hospital. Suicides among young people, 

03:57 last caller, Canary Peggy – She spread to her family and friends!