James Comey’s Deceit

By Dan Butterfield

On July 10, 2015, the FBI began its probe into the private email server Hillary Clinton had setup and used during her tenure as Secretary of State—from that moment forward, former FBI director James Comey did everything in his power to absolve Hillary Clinton of any wrong doing. 

The U.S. was entering a Presidential election cycle and Mrs. Clinton was the preeminent favorite.

Given the environment, James Comey made his calculation.

He would manipulate the FBI probe in an attempt to ensure Hillary Clinton was not brought to justice for mishandling classified material and certainly not for obstructing justice by lying to the FBI.

The former FBI director’s first order of business: Brake with FBI protocol.

Hillary Clinton would not be brought in for questioning at the onset of the investigation. There would be no sworn affidavit cataloging Mrs. Clinton’s story—no record that could be used against the former Secretary in an obstruction of justice case if it had been later discovered she had lied to the FBI.

Instead, the former FBI director chose to debrief the Presidential candidate on his finding’s mere days prior to the release of the FBI’s 46 page report.

(Note: Given the meeting between Hillary Clinton and FBI agents occurred over a holiday weekend (4th of July) along with the length of the FBI report (46 pages) it is highly doubtful the FBI was interviewing Mrs. Clinton, rather they were debriefing the Presidential candidate as to the FBI’s findings.)

It is worth noting, James Comey had good reason not to demand Hillary Clinton go on record with the FBI. 

He was well aware of the storyline Mrs. Clinton was disseminating to the American public regarding her use of a private email server. 

More important: He knew it was a lie.

In fact, Mr. Comey admitted to Congress, in July 2016, he knew Mrs. Clinton had not been truthful, as far back as October 2015, when she testified before the House Select Committee on Benghazi. 

Furthermore, Mr. Comey was aware of Hillary Clinton’s penchant for lying in order to cover-up a lie. 

After all, the private email server only came to light because of Mrs. Clinton’s adherence to the Benghazi video narrative lie she and President Obama had concocted to cover-up the 9/11 terrorist attack that cost the lives of two State Department employees.

The prosecutor in him should have been salivating to get Hillary Clinton on record with the FBI. 

In fact, one would have expected Mr. Comey’s first order of business, when the private server investigation opened, was to subpoena Mrs. Clinton to give a sworn affidavit.

That is, if he wanted to conduct a fair and honest investigation.

But it wasn’t Mr. Comey’s intent to conduct an honest investigation—he had no desire to find Mrs. Clinton guilty. In fact, he was trying to do everything in his power to do the exact opposite. 

So it wasn’t surprising the former FBI director waited until the waning days of the probe to bring the presidential candidate into FBI headquarters. Even then it wasn’t to attain a sworn statement; but rather, to debrief Mrs. Clinton as to the findings of the probe.  

This should speak volumes about the former director’s intent.

It is worth remembering: Mr. Comey, as the prosecutor in the Martha Stewart securities fraud (insider trading) investigation, had no compulsion about charging the homemaking maven with obstruction of justice for lying to the FBI. 

In fact, knowing he likely could not get a conviction for the original insider trading charge, Mr. Comey shifted the entire scope of the investigation from insider trading to obstruction of justice by proving Ms. Stewart had given a false statement to the FBI.

But, in the case of Hillary Clinton, he did everything in his power to avoid putting Mrs. Clinton in jeopardy of perjuring herself.

Was this an honest lapse on the part of Mr. Comey or was it a calculated act?

Did Mr. Comey in fact engage in obstruction of justice?

It is worth noting: Mr. Comey’s refusal to bring Hillary Clinton in at the onset of the investigation was not due to the intrusion of Attorney General Loretta Lynch as Mr. Comey attempted to imply to Congress. 

After all, the former FBI director had two months prior to the incident with Ms. Lynch where he could have demanded Mrs. Clinton give sworn testimony to the FBI—ultimately, Mr. Comey made the calculation not to do so of his own volition.

Sadly, there are simply too many improprieties regarding the handling of the Clinton investigation to chalk it up to coincidence. 

Worse, not bringing Mrs. Clinton in at the onset of the criminal investigation was only the beginning of James Comey’s deception

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