Calls this first federal election in ‘the Big Brother Era’ a critical test of whether America’s freedoms survive

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, Jan. 20, 2021 – In the upcoming special election to replace Interior Secretary nominee Deb Haaland to represent New Mexico’s first congressional district, Eddy Aragon says the Bill of Rights is at stake.

“From far left to far right, people are shocked by how quickly our freedoms are being taken from us,” Aragon said. “We have entered the Big Brother Era. If we don’t start defending our civil liberties – right now, today – we will lose them forever, and America will become an idea of the past.”

Aragon, owner and host of Albuquerque radio station KIVA (ABQ.FM / 1600 AM / and popularly known as “The Rock of Talk,” said voters must elect fellow citizens who will help them defend their rights, and not passively rely on government to protect their rights.

“The curtailing of our First Amendment rights of free speech, press, and assembly affects us all, not just team red or blue,” Aragon said, adding that the threats to Americans’ liberties stretch far beyond government.

“What will you do when your rights are attacked simultaneously by big media, big tech, big government, big business, and the politically correct thought police?” Aragon asked. “We need public servants who will lead the defense of our freedoms, and we need private citizens who will join that defense because they want their children to enjoy the same freedoms they’ve had.”

Aragon said he is not presenting himself as a Bill of Rights savior, but as a new brand of candidate who cares deeply about what he calls “the uniquely blessed American experience.

“Our country is burning with hatred,” Aragon said. “We are all of us – Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents – in a fight for our spiritual, moral, public and private lives, and for the privilege of living in a free and just society. 

“We cannot take our freedoms for granted. Our nation’s founders didn’t. That’s why they created the Bill of Rights.”

Aragon gave as an example of citizen activism the 14,000 people who have signed his petition to impeach Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham for abridging New Mexicans’ rights while using the COVID-19 virus as a pretext. Aragon also gathered enough signatures to start a grand jury investigation into sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s ranch in northern New Mexico.

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