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Some say the first Thanksgiving occurred “a full 23 years before those pilgrims at Plymouth sat down for their famous meal” — and it took place along the Rio Grande.

Others, seeking to “set history straight,” claim the holiday originated “17 days before those Pilgrims ever stepped foot upon New England soil,” at a spot “24 miles southwest” of what was to become Richmond, Virginia.

Or maybe it was it Florida. Perhaps Maine.

Whatever your preference, America sets aside time this week for its annual moment of gratitude. We hope your holiday is safe and relaxing.

As 2021 comes to an end, The Rock of Talk has much to give thanks for. Two weeks ago we announced that after a full year of experimentation, the “prototype” was finished — and we were moving into subscriber-only Phase 2. The response has been heartening. Thanks to all who renewed their subscriptions, as well as those who signed up for the first time.

Our website is a repository for all of The Rock of Talk’s content — and there’s nothing like it, anywhere.

It’s not a gossip column for Roundhouse insiders.

It’s not a digital newsletter for a political party.

It’s not the Internet home of phony-baloney “conservative” radio.

And it’s not the blog of a lobbying organization disguised as a “nonpartisan think tank.”

The Rock of Talk’s online stronghold is a corruption-seeking missile aimed at the heart of New Mexico’s ethically challenged establishment. It’s a unique resource — supplying a daily bulletin with the articles, commentary, and research you need to fight the good fight, the podcast (with timestamped notes) of every episode of The Rock of Talk, and original content from our editor and policy director, who brings his nearly three decades of experience battling Big Government to the effort.

In the last month alone, we’ve:

• Documented the ways that your tax dollars were used to subsidize electioneering for local governments’ tax-and-spending authorizations.

• Reported what no media outlet in the state could be bothered to uncover — that Virgin Galactic has officially lost $1 billion. (Unofficially, $2 billion.)

• Noted that “men and women from the real world aren’t supposed to win elections in the Land of Enchantment.”

• Exposed the Republican bigwigs who backed the mayoral candidacy of Democrat Manny Gonzales “and repeatedly doubled down on [their] blunder.”

• Lamented that the latest COVID-19 “surge” is “shocking only to those who value their ideology and/or careers more than the truth.”

• Informed “Michelle Lujan Grisham, Martin Heinrich, and the rest of New Mexico’s profoundly clueless elites” that “the planet isn’t quite done with coal” — and that undeniable fact means opportunity for New Mexico.

• Ridiculed “Empower & Collaborate: New Mexico’s Economic Path Forward” as “another few steps down a long-trod dead end.”


In 2022, expect more of the same. Our crusade against crime, political predation, and government dependency in New Mexico will continue — and intensify. And in an important election year, our voice will matter more than ever.

Two weeks ago, a subscriber wrote that our work fills “an intellectual void with grace, humor, thoroughness, and style,” and thanked us for “stepping up to do so.”

Well, the gratitude runs both ways. Your support makes possible. Thank you.

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