First 24 Hour Report: Sign the Petition for Eddy Aragon - Mayor of Albuquerque

Hi All!

If you are receiving this message thank you for being a Rock of Talk listener and/or subscriber. Also, THANK YOU in advance for signing my petition to put me, a Republican, on the ballot for Mayor.  In the first 24 hours (11am Monday, July 26th, 2021) we have 504 signatures and we need to get to 5000 signatures to qualify as we will need 3000 qualified signatures by August 10th.

At this rate we will need roughly 10x what we have signed so I am asking you to do the following.  WE will need 299.73 signatures a day until August 10th.  

1.  Please share the following.  (Yes I really own the domain

Please sign the petition for Eddy Aragon - Mayor of Albuquerque!  Anyone can sign!

Let’s see who signs?  3000 signatures.  August 10th, 2021 deadline.  Please forward and share!


2.  Copy and paste it to your email, social media or text it to anyone you can, PLEASE!

3.  Visit any neighbors or make any phone calls that you can and tell them to visit from 4-7pm Monday through Friday to listen to the show if they want to learn more.  They can also listen at AM 1600 KIVA or watch the show on TV at

Thank you again!

I will send out another update tomorrow at this time to track our progress!  Feel free to text me anytime at the number below.


Eddy Aragon

505.550.5500 (cell or text 24/7)