Empty Promises and Losing in 2020: The Legacy of Steve Pearce

After the loss of Governor in 2018 Congressman Pearce wanted to run the party. So I didn't run back then. I felt he could harness that energy to motivate himself and others to flip NM. Fail.

Dear New Mexico,

I continue to make only one promise to you as NMGOP Chairman, we will have re-elections for all positions in March 2021. First some quick stats to get you up to speed on just how bad 2020 was for New Mexico Republicans:

  1. In our quest to have this hastily done Covid 19 Pandemic vote for the NMGOP Chairman election tomorrow night here’s the breakdown: 52 votes (28.8%) will come from CD1, 74 (41.1%) votes will come from CD2, 42 (23.3%) votes will come from CD3

  2. The deadline to register was the Day after Thanksgiving and was 10 days before the election.

  3. Only 34.2% of the State Central Committee will be casting a vote for NMGOP Chairman on Monday night. 180 out of 525 members. Pathetic.

  4. 2020 NM Senate Performance: NMGOP and Steve Pearce

    • Lost 2 Incumbent Seats (Bernalillo)

    • We didn't beat 1 Incumbent Democrat Statewide

    • Only Won 3 of 8 Open Senate Seats (NMGOP only helped with Crystal Diamond and did not help Gregg Schmedes or Joshua Sanchez who did not use the RESPECT New Mexico platform)

    • Current New Mexico Senate: 26 Democrats / 16 Republicans (62%)

  5. 2020 NM House Performance: NMGOP and Steve Pearce

    • Retained all House Seats (All Incumbents Won)

    • Beat only 1 Democrat Incumbent (Luis Terrazas)

    • Only 1 for 5 (20%) on Open Seats (Stefani Lord who did not get help from NMGOP and did not use RESPECT New Mexico platform)

    • Current New Mexico House: 43 to 26 (62%)

  6. 2020 NM Court Performance: NMGOP and Steve Pearce

    • Lost Every Supreme Court Race (0-2)

    • Lost Every Appellate Court Race (0-3)

  7. 2020 NM Bond and Ballot Performance: NMGOP and Steve Pearce

    • All Bond's Passed (0-3) $200 Million Dollars!

    • Elections are now 'floating'

    • Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham owns the PRC (3 member panel)

  8. Only 7.2% of the people who will be voting for the NMGOP Chairman on Monday Night are Hispanic. Considering the State is 56% Hispanic that’s a problem.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. When failure occurs we can’t just make up excuses like “The Democrats cheated” or “All the naysayers like Eddy Aragon are holding us back”. You have to ask yourself can we do much worse? The answer is NO! Have you ever seen more Grassroots support than we did in 2020? That wasn’t Pearce. That wasn’t NMGOP or BCGOP those were TRUMP SUPPORTERS WHO WERE GOING TO FLIP THIS STATE RED! But what did we fail to do? The party didn’t embrace the brand, Trump! We embraced RESPECT NEW MEXICO. How respected do you feel in 2020? How’s that Church service? How’s that small business? How’s that school attendance and grades going? Not too good I see.

Maybe we should start asking questions as to who and what is really going on in the Republican Party? Maybe we have the old Bush, Romney, McCain and Bob Dole sympathizers who literally have a goal of making sure that President Trump loses in charge. The goal of the Lincoln Project is simple:

The founders of the Lincoln project have spent over 200 years electing Republicans. But now, they’ve sparked a nationwide movement with a singular mission: To defeat Donald Trump and Trumpism.

Those that embraced candidate Trump won! Those that fought hard WON! Joshua A. Sanchez (my cousin) literally wears a Trump watch and is now Senator! Stefani Lord used the actual word ‘Republican’ in her ads and stood for Trump and warred against the Governor. She’s now a Representative. Gregg Schmedes did his own thing and was the most vocal of our state leaders and took over a Senate seat! I am pretty sure all of these candidates were out spent as well but they had the right thing, BRANDING AND BACKBONE.

And then there are those that didn’t embrace Trump and they LOST! Take the only two incumbents we lost in 2020. Sander Rue and Candace Gould couldn’t say the name President Donald Trump if you paid them! I even went so far as to outline these ‘soft’ Republicans in a recent write-up after they were bragging that we needed more ‘Independent’ and female representation in Santa Fe. We don’t need Republicans voting with Democrats on the Energy Transition Act which will literally bankrupt New Mexico! (Read here)

There’s also the other two candidates who are running, Eric Lucero (who everyone says is a ‘nice guy’) and anti-Trumper Geoff Snider who literally called Trump supporters Nazi’s in a private late night email to his ‘confidants’. Geoff had to resign after all of this unbelievably bad publicity. Eric was a field coordinator for a local race for John Morton who should have won but where was the field coordination? Morton lost by 3,300 votes which is a lot from field coordinator perspective. If you can’t do it in a district how the hell are you going to do it state wide pal? Geoff Snider, despite the massive negative media coverage BCGOP received, continued to work with BCGOP Chairman Julie Wright and coordinate with the candidates. Can you believe he want’s to be NMGOP Chairman? We literally had anti-Trump elements in the State and County party leadership there were never cleared. Is it any wonder we lost?


Now to Congressman Steve Pearce. In 2018 he made several promises in a very lengthy pleading to New Mexico Republicans which I have enclosed below. Let’s see how he did. My commentary is bolded and italicized:

  1. His big question was “How long will it take for them (his 2018 challengers) to develop the people and talent in every county?”

    • Congressman Pearce didn’t develop talent. In fact most people asked the question “Where is Steve Pearce?” No one ever has to ask me where I am as I am on the air every day from 4-7pm and everyone texts and calls me at 505-550-5500. Talent is never developed unless it is nurtured daily and the three things prospective politicians need help with is passion, purpose and inspiration. That’s how you create great politicians is giving them the courage to run and RUN HARD!

    2. His statement that he has been “on the ground” in this state for 2 years and has built a “network of supporters”.

    • This is impossible. Lots of trips and almost zero visibility in New Mexico’s most populous city, Albuquerque. He’s hardly reachable. His phone number isn’t even on the list of the State Central Committee! If the network of supporters is so great in New Mexico then why do we only have 180 people participating in a State Central Committee meeting when people are so incredibly angry about our state’s current leadership?

    3. His statement “looking at the raw numbers, I received more votes, with a total of nearly 300,000, than the winning candidate received to be elected Governor in 2014”.

    • Why are we consistently rivaling in our own party between Susanna Martinez and Steve Pearce. The fact remains, whether you love her or hate her she was a Republican and she was Governor for 8 years. WE Republicans will take that all day long. Steve Pearce lost to Michelle Lujan Grisham by the largest margin for Governor ever and now we are all SUFFERING. OUR STATE IS DYING. I WOULD TAKE ANY REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR OVER HER ANY DAY.

    4. His statement “because our state has had such a long history of “insider” political corruption, it is just as important today to identify and point out those who are trying to selfishly benefit themselves”.

    • Ask yourself. Is there anything more ‘insider’ than this ill timed and hastily run election along with the ridiculous deadlines and very limited campaign window? This whole process is corrupt. First thing I will do as elected chairman of the GOP is to call for an all new election. We can’t function as the opposition party if we replicate the corruption of the Democrats.

    1. His statement “we all know from experience in this State that corruption breeds incompetence which in turn diminishes the spirit to succeed.”

      • Again we cannot have corruption in the party if we are going to succeed. Several people throughout the state had no idea on the deadlines, process, information and coordination for the SCC meeting. We need to have as close to 100% participation as possible. Cutting off registration 10 days ahead of the event is unprecedented.

    2. His statement “Our race for Governor invested $5 million in developing a base message that the State GOP can build on even further for 2020.”

      • Whatever that message was in 2018 we left it for dead and went for RESPECT NEW MEXICO in 2020. All that money and messaging and no gains…..and now no money.

    3. His statement “the new party chairman must communicate constantly……..I am a seasoned communicator.”

      • No one communicates more in the State of New Mexico on behalf of Conservatives than I do. I am on 20+ hours a week. I produce a debate, stories, blasts, show not to mention my massive reach within the most important city we need to change, Albuquerque. People in Valencia and Sandoval county constantly praise my show and I have won the Radio Personality of the Year from the Albuquerque Journal for 4 years running. My show has forced nationally owned KKOB to overpay for a FM translator, move to a 100,000 watt FM and bring in old retired familiar voices (who don’t even try to be Conservative because it appears absurd compared to the product I turn out) just to try and beat me. They can’t. We speak the truth. On the other hand, Steve’s Inside New Mexico program was only running on a handful of stations at the time he wrote his letter in 2018. He was not on 28 stations as he claimed. He was on 6 stations. I have great relationships and the local media fears me and pays attention to what we say on the show daily as we are the unofficial voice of the opposition. I frequently have people on the station who I fundamentally disagree with (Joe Monahan)

    4. His statement “no one else in the party has a skillset of campaign in business experience, the grit, the network of committed volunteers…..”

      • I’ve assembled more than 13,000 signatures to IMPEACH MLG, filed petitions on behalf of a Citizens Grand Jury to seize Zorro Ranch, have 15,000 listeners a day or more during the show and get more than 150 text messages a day directly from people who care and are motivated to change this state. From Artesia to Albuquerque and Las Cruces to Raton I am the most listened to Conservative in the State.

    5. His statement about “anyone else who might be elected State Party Chair will start at ground zero”.

      • That statement is true of Eric Lucero and Geoff Snider but not of me. I have an extensive digital, radio and social network and I am active daily. I have 5,000 friends on Facebook, over 2,300 followers on my business and Twitter pages and I engage them daily, especially those who are younger and culturally diverse. No one, I repeat, no one Conservative you know has the ability to convert more Democrats into Republicans than me.

    6. His statement “speed and commitment are essential….that is why we must establish a statewide policy coordinating committee to hold elected officials accountable for their actions, and I believe what we must have our own independent polling operation”.

      • Great ideas. Where are they? Where’s the independent polling operation? Where’s the speed and commitment? Where’s the statewide policy coordination? None of it exists in the very fractured NMGOP environment. There’s nothing that suggests that this is part of a mission statement, policy or even an apparatus. There’s no infrastructure which is why NMGOP heavily relied on Trump once they set their campaign in New Mexico. If re-elected Chairman in our March re-election we will do these two things at a minimum and much more.

    7. His statement “Democrats who disagree with their leaders will look for someone to offer vision and leadership.”

      • We need to focus more on our own party, consolidating our own quality and building up what we have so that we are stronger even if we are smaller. Seeming reasonable to Democrats is the equivalent of selling out our base which somehow the NMGOP has done over and over again over time. Being proud of our product and attracting people to our way of life and values is much better than validating ideas from a party that doesn’t work. That will enable us to get BIGGER! WE MUST BE PROUD REPUBLICANS!

    The rest of the letter could be from any Republican or Democrat littered with platitudes, empty promises and the goal of victory in 2020. We didn’t lose because of the Dominion voting systems in New Mexico. We lost because we didn’t believe in our product and our brand of Trump. Our ‘sales’ guys must have got used to selling Romney, McCain and Bush and they are hopeless romantics who think they are going to revive the party. They aren’t. Trump saved the party. Those that ran with Trump and said Republican instead of Respect won. Those that fought and raised their voices and fists to the Governor won. America was built on leadership. The kind of leadership of Washington, Lincoln, Goldwater and Reagan. Self sacrificing. Humble. Visionary. Bold.

    The Republican party prior to 2016 was looking for an identity. It found one. We would be smart to embrace it. Clearly we didn’t. The other three choices for chair will not. I will.

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