Eddy's One-Term Promise To Save Our City

Eddy Aragon is announcing a one-term ultimatum to Albuquerque voters: if elected, he promises to cut homicides in half and reduce homelessness by 75%.

If he fails, he won’t seek re-election in 2025.

That’s a promise, and it’s a promise no politician would make, because no politician dares to bet their career on the outcome of the policies they implement. 

Eddy’s not a politician. He just wants to live in a better city. And to do that, Albuquerque needs accountability. It deserves results.

For four years, Mayor Tim Keller has promised to turn our police department around. He ran in 2017 on fighting crime and making Albuquerque safe. It was his quote-unquote “#1 priority.” 

Four years later, Albuquerque has already surpassed record homicides with three months left in the year. Downtown businesses come in Monday mornings to find broken windows and trash, needles, and transients in their doorways. Morale at the police department is so low it’s facing a record number of resignations and retirements this year.

This isn’t about politics. Keller’s policies have failed, but people’s lives are at stake. A record number of Albuquerque residents are gone. Residents’ businesses are constant targets of theft and vandalism. The safety of our families are at risk every time we shop or eat or commute in our increasingly dangerous city.

And Tim Keller’s plan is to continue the same policies that got us here.

Without accountability, career politicians can talk their slick talk and get away with literal murder on their streets. 

We’ve had enough.

To show he has not only skin in the game but confidence in his plan, Eddy is committing to one term as mayor if he fails to deliver on his campaign promises to cut crime and reduce homelessness. 

That’s not cheap talk. It’s a campaign strategy that guarantees a landslide victory in his second term after he delivers for the people of Albuquerque. 

Vote for accountability on November 2nd. Vote for real results. Vote for Eddy Aragon to save our city.



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