Eddy Aragon's final letter to Republican State Central Committee Voters

Election is tonight at 5:30 PM for the State Central Committee

Dear New Mexicans,

Thank you for participating in the Republican State Central Committee Meeting.

This is Eddy Aragon 'The Rock of Talk'.  I see that you have been getting and receiving my emails.  I reached out to let you know my plans for the NMGOP.  With my long investment in this community as a small business media owner of AM 1600 KIVA and 4 time winner of Radio Personality of the Year and with such personalities as Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro and a whole host of others, I care very deeply about the Conservative message and how it could change the State of New Mexico for the betterment of New Mexico.  We have three important things we need to achieve for New Mexico:

  1. Remove Keller from office, bring in a Conservative Republican and Save Albuquerque by electing 3 of 5 City Councilmen in 2021

  2. Remove the Democrat Majority in the House which entails flipping 8 Albuquerque House Seats

  3. Remove Michelle Lujan Grisham in 2022 with the strongest possible Governor candidate which IS NOT STEVE PEARCE

In order to do this we have to fully committ to the following:

  1. Voter Registration - Register 50k by 2022

    1. 25K in Albuquerque for the City Race

    2. Register another 25K statewide for Governor's race

    3. "Only way to take back New Mexico is to take back Albuquerque"

  2. Financial Fundraising (3 million)

    1. Raise $1 million 'grassroots' in 2021 for City Races

    2. Raise $2.5 million 'grassroots' in 2022 for State Races

  3. Candidate Recruitment (70 races)

    1. Challenge Every Democrat and make sure they are funded and receive support

    2. Vet every candidate rather than just 'warm bodies'

  4. Data Support and Transparency

    1. "Technology and Data in everyone's hands" not just friends and buddies of leadership

  5. Platform committee

    1. Steve Pearce never put this together despite his promises and it's needed badly

  6. Full time paid Executive Director, Accountant (Brand New), Fundraiser (Full Time), PR person who's not a Democrat ($15k a month)

What I already do Daily:

  1. Daily Messaging + Platform

    1. Live Radio Show from 4-7PM on "The Rock of Talk"  93.7 FM/AM 1600 KIVA (Priceless).

  2. Fighting Democrats

    1. We need to battle Democrats on every one of their Agenda items

    2. I also have over 13,000 signatures to Impeach MLG

  3. Fighting Corruption 

    1. We submitted enough signatures to convene a Grand Jury to Seize Zorro Ranch

  4. Embrace the Brand

    1. I am widely known as Trump's biggest supporter and most vocal in NM

  5. Federal Court Filings 

    1. We are wasting money filing local court filings in a Supreme Court that has us beat 5-0

    2. File only Federal court filings

  6. Polling Company

    1. I am already working on a Polling solution for Conservatives in New Mexico. Well underway.


As stated by Joe Monahan this morning about Michelle Lujan Grisham staying in New Mexico and how the Democrats view it:


“It's not all bad news for the Governor.In fact, there is some very good news for her making the rumor mill rounds. Insiders report that GOP Chairman Steve Pearce, who is expected to easily win another term as chairman today when GOP Central Committee delegates meet, is now testing the waters for another Guv run in 2022. "He's been putting out feelers in oil country," said one of our Alligators. MLG will surely root for Pearce's nomination. She trounced him 57 to 43 percent in 2018.” -Joe Monahan ‘The Home for New Mexico Politics’ - December 7th, 2020

So here is my final request for your support:  I continue to make only one promise to you as NMGOP Chairman, we will have re-elections for all positions in March 2021. 

First some quick stats to get you up to speed on just how bad 2020 was for New Mexico Republicans:

  1. In our quest to have this hastily done Covid 19 Pandemic vote for the NMGOP Chairman election tomorrow night here’s the breakdown: 52 votes (28.8%) will come from CD1, 74 (41.1%) votes will come from CD2, 42 (23.3%) votes will come from CD3

  2. The deadline to register was the Day after Thanksgiving and was 10 days before the election.

  3. Only 34.2% of the State Central Committee will be casting a vote for NMGOP Chairman on Monday night. 180 out of 525 members. Pathetic.

  4. 2020 NM Senate Performance: NMGOP and Steve Pearce

    • Lost 2 Incumbent Seats (Bernalillo)

    • We didn't beat 1 Incumbent Democrat Statewide

    • Only Won 3 of 8 Open Senate Seats (NMGOP only helped with Crystal Diamond and did not help Gregg Schmedes or Joshua Sanchez who did not use the RESPECT New Mexico platform)

    • Current New Mexico Senate: 26 Democrats / 16 Republicans (62%)

  • 2020 NM House Performance: NMGOP and Steve Pearce

    • Retained all House Seats (All Incumbents Won)

    • Beat only 1 Democrat Incumbent (Luis Terrazas)

    • Only 1 for 5 (20%) on Open Seats (Stefani Lord who did not get help from NMGOP and did not use RESPECT New Mexico platform)

    • Current New Mexico House: 43 to 26 (62%)

  • 2020 NM Court Performance: NMGOP and Steve Pearce

    • Lost Every Supreme Court Race (0-2)

    • Lost Every Appellate Court Race (0-3)

  • 2020 NM Bond and Ballot Performance: NMGOP and Steve Pearce

    • All Bond's Passed (0-3) $200 Million Dollars!

    • Elections are now 'floating'

    • Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham owns the PRC (3 member panel)

  • Only 7.2% of the people who will be voting for the NMGOP Chairman on Monday Night are Hispanic. Considering the State is 56% Hispanic that’s a problem.

Vote for me, Eddy Aragon, for NMGOP Chairman.

I am not a member of any faction, neither Pearce or Susanna.  

I will bring the party together.  

I am easily reachable 24/7 via text or phone at 505-550-5500.  

I am on the air daily in New Mexico's largest city, Albuquerque on 93.7 FM / AM 1600 KIVA or at www.abq.fm

I am a winner.  I have taken on the largest radio station, 770 KKOB and made them make so many adjustments and  purchases to keep up with me.

I am a native of New Mexico, 11 generations.

I am a father of two young boys, 5 and 8 years old.

.....and I am the best fighter in New Mexico for Conservatives, period.

Thank you for your time during this race.  We need new blood.  We need grassroots.  We need Trumpers.  WE NEED TO WIN!  NO MORE LOSING!  

Eddy Aragon


505.550.5500 Text / Call

If you need more information don't forget to pick it up at www.rockoftalk.chat   All my work can be found there as well as my recordings, videos, writings and opinions.