Desperate Manny Sues (Again) To Remove Eddy Aragon From The Ballot

Another Baseless Petition To Distract From The Issues Facing Our City

I got served. Again.

By Manny Gonzales’s campaign supporters. Again.

This is why people hate politics. Corrupt leaders who can’t run on their record will say ANYTHING to tarnish their opponents.

This time I’m not only facing off against one of the state’s top law enforcement officers but also his political action committee co-chair and former Public Regulation Commissioners.

That’s how scared they are of our campaign 

When you commit 2nd degree felonies by forging voter signature to get on the ballot—and get reprimanded and fined (twice) by the Election Ethics Board—filing lawsuits to remove your competitors from the ballot is totally expected. It’s Manny’s only play. He know what’s coming on November 2nd, and he’s worried.

As well he should be.

But he’s going to lose this one the same way he lost last month when he tried to remove me from the ballot over false claims that I wasn’t a resident of Albuquerque.

This time Manny’s petition was filed by Democrat and PRC Commissioner Karen Montoya, who co-chairs Manny Gonzales’s political action committee and falsely claims that I’m using my radio station to advertise my candidacy for mayor. 

Manny’s going to lose, just like he did when he was accused of committing voter fraud.

The facts are on my side and the US Constitution is on my side. Given Manny’s track record so far this election (and losing every time in court or at the Ethics Board), he shouldn’t comment on what is and isn’t legal.

What’s worse is his ethics complaint won’t even be heard until a month after the runoff election in December.

These are the facts. I own a radio station. On that radio station I cover local and national politics. I have consulted with a Constitutional attorney and have seen the statutes. The law is on my side. The only condition that would prevent me from doing my job would be if I used my air time to promote my candidacy without offering equal air time to my opponents.

I have, and I have hours of recordings to prove it. I do it every segment of every show. What’s more, is Manny Gonzales has already been on my station already and he didn’t have to even pay to be on it. Also, he’s never requested to be on the station since that time.

I’ve invited Manny Gonzales and Tim Keller to come on my show and talk about the mayoral race too many times to count. It’s a daily declaration I make whenever I mention my candidacy, and do you know what one thing HASN’T happened?

They’ve NEVER accepted.

Which is smart in it’s own way. Better to try to slander your opponent with unsubstantiated claims than stand on your own record and platform. My opponents are both running scared because they know what they’ve done to our city, and they know that if I win, it’s the end of local politics as we know it. 

Talking about the state of our city isn’t the way Manny gets ahead. He doesn’t have a clue how to combat the plague of problems facing our city. 

He would rather file petitions with the city clerk alleging campaign violations (something he knows a thing or two about) than talk about the race, and he won’t accept my daily invitations to discuss the issues because he doesn’t WANT to talk about the issues. 

Voters already know this. They see it every time he has to debate me. If he’s not reading prepared statements line by line he’s scrambling for a coherent thought to defend his dismal record as one of the state’s top law enforcement officers.

That’s spineless, but more importantly it’s why he has no chance in this latest desperate attempt to stop our campaign.

It won’t work.

I’ve already won.