COVID REPORT: We Are Winning, Every Worker Is Essential, Keep Fighting!


COVID REPORT: We Are Winning, Every Worker Is Essential, Keep Fighting!

 Democrats divide. Racially. Economically. Politically. Eddy Aragon believes EVERY WORKER IS ESSENTIAL. Work is not just a means to an end, but an end in and of itself. It not only puts food on the table and a roof over your head, but if done well it provides dignity, pride, and purpose. While we all agree that taxes could be lower and the government could slim down a bit when it comes to spending, residents of New Mexico are proud to pay their share. That’s the price of living in a society with good schools, a strong police force, and functioning infrastructure that keeps traffic flowing and businesses booming. The problem is that our state’s COVID policies have put a stop to all of that. Workers deemed “non-essential” have been abandoned. City and state leaders have kowtowed to the governor’s office and either turned their heads or remained tight-lipped about the havoc that lockdowns and mandates have wreaked on our city.   

 We believe EVERY NEW MEXICAN IS ESSENTIAL, that every job is essential, and that the price of shutting down businesses, putting residents out of work, and handicapping economic growth is not worth the risk of a virus that is no more threatening to the average person than a seasonal flu.

As our opponents walk around fully vaccinated and fully masked, Eddy Aragon is advocating for freedom. He believes that every business, every school, every parent, nurse, employer, and employee has a right to decide their own future.

He believes in YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE.

How do you know you’re on the right side of this issue? 


 Even Bernalillo County recently announced it will NOT enforce vaccinations of county employees. Facing the prospect of early retirements and staffing shortages from those who want to make their own health decisions, county officials recently back-peddled on vaccinations as a condition of employment.
We want EVERY state agency, EVERY hospital, EVERY county, and EVERY business, to exercise that same freedom. But it takes leadership.

If you’re unsure of the science, now is the time to get educated. The data has already shown that the viral load of the vaccinated is equal or in excess of the unvaccinated. Common sense tells you why — this is basic biology. When you tinker with nature, you alter nature’s trajectory. This is the only explanation for why New Mexico has more cases TODAY than we did BEFORE there were vaccinations.

Tinkering with the natural order is actually contributing to the spread of the virus, as seen by the data in the United Kingdom and Israel, where the vast majorities of the population are vaccinated and yet continue to fall victim to this virus.

For the record, we don’t want to prohibit vaccines. Vaccinating and masking is a choice every American should be free to choose for themselves. From businesses to schools to individuals, we advocate the RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

 It’s called “informed consent.” We simply believe Americans who are informed of the effects of the vaccine and who are aware of the potential ramifications should have the same freedom NOT to vaccinate as those who choose TO vaccinate.

Remember it was Dr. Anthony Fauci himself who said last year that “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material.”

We’re following the science, and the science says that vaccinating and masking won’t protect you. Washington’s most elite scientists have already declared that this is no longer a pandemic, it’s endemic — meaning it will be with us forever, just as the seasonal flu is now.

If they’re right — and we trust the actual science, so let’s assume they are — then we need to let New Mexicans get back to the work of providing for their families, building our economy, paving our roads, delivering our food, servicing our vehicles, and caring for our less fortunate. We need to let New Mexicans get back to work, and we need a Mayor in Albuquerque who will FIGHT the governor’s mandates to ensure that every resident can experience the dignity, pride, and purpose that comes from hard work.

It’s time we re-open our state. It’s time we have a mayor in New Mexico’s most populated city setting the tone for the future of our great state. 


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"We’re not going to let it get put down anymore by people who want to run their agendas. I realize that the mayor’s office can be a dead-end political job. That’s perfect for me because I have no political ambitions.

I just want to live in a better city." WATCH NOW



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