Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated | Podcast and Video of Show



4:06: “Free” at-home testing — do not fall for it, New Mexico!

4:10: Sleepy Joe will reverse Trump’s immigration policies, during a “pandemic”?

4:11: The “relief” package has money for ... the Smithsonian?

4:13: The vaccine, Dr. Discrase and the “darkest days” ahead

4:15: The BCSO is evicting people, and Eddy has pictures (more to come)

4:19: Liberty or lockdown — New Mexico chose the latter

4:25: Mike McMullen of Salon Helena stops by the KIVA to discuss the challenges of running a small business in MLG’s Rona Nightmare, the need for someone to “step up and be a leader,” and the salon’s many attractions, including Kangen water and a friendly and talented staff

5:06: Dowd is heading for Salon Helena’s salt room ASAP

5:08: Dr. Scarf got caught!

5:09: Trump in beast mode on the “relief” package

5:14: The Amberjack fish!

5:16: R.I.P., Bubba

5:18: Jesse Waters on “fish” barrel spending and the “den of thieves”

5:32: Father Jim, of San Clemente Catholic Church in Los Lunas, calls in to talk about the “supernatural battle being waged”

5:35: Calls: throw the bums OUT, the “show killer” is not a MGTOW, an encounter with a Catholic “leader,” and Eddy’s run for CD1

5:47: The Rona has attacked ... Antarctica!

5:56: Quick hits: Anderson quits, NMSU coffee, a killing in Las Cruces, and “green” cars for the Land of Enchantment

6:07: Eddy’s favorite Christmas song

6:10: A discussion of the tortured soul of George Michael, with musical accompaniment

6:22: A caller “invaded the big stick” and plugged Eddy and!

6:30: A caller loved “Lujan Grinch” but was never much of a George Michael fan (bonus: how to train your voice)

6:33: A (return) caller asks about dealing with MLG’s mask mandate

6:35: A caller wants to talk about Menudo and Amberjack

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