Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated


1:30: We might be getting rid of MLG!

2:00: It’s official — Eddy has self-nominated for chair of the Republican Party of New Mexico

5:35: Eddy’s wants the warring camps to “start coming together” for the “big work” ahead: APS elections, Albuquerque city council, the mayoral race, and 2022

8:50: MLG might be leaving for The Swamp

10:20: Yesterday’s text on MLG’s, er, dodgy record as a “healthcare leader” and Eddy’s psychological profile of the Tiny Tyrant

24:55: The DOJ’s 2006 look at a scandal MLG skated on, and a brave (and still living) college reporter’s 2018 profile of MLG’s failures as a healthcare bureaucrat

31:08: A deep dive on MLG’s “career” in “public service”: law school, Bruce King, Bill Richardson, Bernalillo County Commission, U.S. House of Representatives, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Delta Consulting Group, and then governess (surplus blown, tax hikes, Energy Transition Act, and Rona madness)

41:20: Team Biden is clueless about MLG (“a manager and a leader who knows these issues”?)

45:55: Dowd thinks MLG is like Tom and Daisy Buchanan — she smashes things, and lets “other people clean up the mess”

46:55: Your texts re: MLG, Dominion machines, a line at Walmart, impeachment signatures, a “terrible student” and her BS JD, Biden and Syracuse, failing upward, and MLG as Tony Montana

1:01:30: Eddy’s mother turns 64 today!

1:02:50: Steve Hilton thinks that “corporate America hates you,” Dowd is starting to agree, and Eddy recommends that you ditch M-A-G-A-F and join the KIVA Community

1:10:45: Tucker eviscerates Biden, his advisors, and his “cabinet,” and Eddy supplies some insider info on the “Fox News civil war, internally”

1:31:50: Clips of media morons attacking Donald Trump over the last four years

1:41:35: Oprah’s interview of Donald Trump in 1988

1:49:20: Rudy’s thoughts about the Trump movement

1:51:55: Rudy’s Thanksgiving wishes for the listeners

1:52:15: The final texts of the day re: charity begins at home, the Pennsylvania hearing, “the stupid media,” MLG’s “humanitarian crisis,” Eddy’s opponent is Steve Pearce, and Trump buying CNN?

1:58:00: A reminder of better days: the State of the Union Address, February 2020

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