Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated


June 11th, 2018 - Deb Haaland for Congress and I will always stand together. In our boots – and sometimes in our tutus, too! #nmpol#TeamMichelle - Facebook

0:30: Moving forward, plowing ahead (and the investigation continues)

1:30: Trump is fighting on, and Rand Paul dares to ask you to “decide for yourself”

6:25: Sidney Powell says witnesses are being threatened

6:35: The fight in Arizona

8:00: Georgia’s investigation of “third-party groups attempting to register out-of-state voters for the crucial Senate runoff elections”

8:40: The fight in Wisconsin

9:00: Eddy wants to know what the FBI’s doing

13:00: We’re only in the fourth week of a long process — much more to come

22:00: A caller asks about the findings of Genevieve Briand, and Dowd provides a deep dive on the removal of the JHU student newspaper’s article about her inconvenient work

29:55: A caller sparks a lengthy conversation about the senseless attack on hydroxychloroquine and the demonization of Stella Immanuel

32:20: The week-before-Thanksgiving Senate hearing on early outpatient treatment in which actual doctors treating COVID-19 patients faced off against a clueless Trump Derangement Syndrome activist

47:45: A caller brings up the bizarre, destructive utopianism of “sustainable development” and elites’ deranged desire to control just about every aspect of life on Planet Earth

1:04:55: Eddy is no fan of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation’s Public Safety Assessment tool

1:06:20: A caller asks, “Where do we go from here?”

1:09:20: Eddy’s got The Lincoln Project in his crosshairs — and yes, some of them are right here in New Mexico

1:13:00: A caller and Eddy discuss Trump’s possible path to victory

1:15:20: A caller discusses his experiences with voter fraud/manipulation in the disability community (legal advice from folks in the field is welcome)

1:26:40: A caller at an “essential business” thinks someone stopped by to do a “covert Rona safety check on us”

1:41:20: The Piñon Post’s coverage of the attempt to silence KIVA

1:43:45: Your texts re: how 1600 AM sounds, not giving up, a false positive at the VA, bed capacity at UNM, Eddy’s run for PRNM chair, 93.7 FM, masks in the car, “American Voters Matter,” the threat of forced vaccinations at work, hydroxychloroquine over the counter, statistical anomalies as “evidence,” and Darren White stinks

2:01:40: Tim Keller “doesn’t expect things to change for the foreseeable future, for several months”

2:03:20: A male Karen goes mask crazy in Arizona (warning: vulgarity)

2:09:10: Does anyone like Chihuahuas?

2:25:50: Is New Mexico’s Attack Chihuahua headed for Washington or not?

2:27:05: The very strange governor of Oregon

2:29:25: Identity Politics and the “Biden cabinet”

2:29:50: It’s fun to bash DUI Deb — let’s do a little more of it!

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