Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated


1:05: A lot of people are “checking out” for the next week — Utah, Colorado, Texas, “anywhere but New Mexico”

3:25: “No hurries, no worries. It can’t get worse than it is.”

4:00: Eddy and Dowd explore the front pages of the Albuquerque Journal the last three days (e.g., the ever-clueless Kevin Robinson-Avila, Tom Udall puffery, and “Monday Mourning” with Joline Gutierrez Krueger)

9:42: “There’s the news. And guess what? You don’t care.”

11:35: The shutdown is “for worse than COVID ever could hope to be” (pay no attention to the media’s programming)

12:40: Civil disobedience that MLG cannot stop

15:00: MLG is not in D.C. (had a tribal meeting this morning)

16:18: A caller asks Democrats who “love science” why he can’t play golf

17:35: Eddy’s “old lady friend” refuses to take a coronavirus test (she understands statistics) and will not get a flu shot

20:40: Rebecca — from Liberty Ladies UNITE! — calls in and discusses her civil disobedience

22:10: A caller ponders why California churches are closed if strip clubs are open

30:22: Rudy has a technical glitch — but it’s not his fault, it’s MLG’s!

32:50: Eddy talks about his Las Vegas days: clients and commissions and strip clubs, oh my!

49:50: Curious timing on MLG’s “emergency alert” … time to turn that function off on your phone

51:30: The Debate of the Day — we’re building our own community of intelligent and informed thinkers

56:05: Believe it or not, the Tiny Tyrant in Santa Fe is now sending multiple “alerts”

1:01:40: Eddy, Dowd, and a caller discuss MLG’s connection to “The Great Reset”

1:10:20: A caller was just at Dillard’s, and now they’re locked down, too

1:13:45 Eddy’s epic rant on MLG and her “emergency alerts”

1:15:10: A mortgage broker calls in to explain the governor’s assault on her industry (offices closed, open houses prohibited)

1:17:55: Eddy reminds us that the National Association of Realtors spent big on Ben Ray (elections have consequences)

1:19:45: Dowd adds that a “doofus” with the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association is a fan of Ben Ray, too

1:20:08: Eddy has never gotten “this many text messages in my entire life,” and he reads as many as he can

1:36:05: Dowd reads a compilation of the research documenting the many damages done by lockdowns, including declining mental health and substance abuse

1:37:45: Clyde Lewis documents some very odd phone messages and Eddy has thoughts

1:50:00: Last Friday, Eddy told Dowd to “go home” and “be with your family”

2:02:10: How exactly does one stop MLG from pestering you with “alerts”?

2:03:50: Your texts re: suing MLG, Clint’s movie, Pennsylvania’s indoor mask order (seriously), possible vote fraud in New Mexico, everything is open in Mexico, MLG’s “engagement,” traveling to Kansas and Oklahoma, “COVID concentration camps,” a dog groomer gets shut down, and no home for the “New Mexico Bowl”

2:27:15: Some good news (and we deserve it): “Pro-life women are driving the new Republican surge in Congress — an unmistakable rebuke to Democrats’ radical abortion agenda.”

2:28:40: Your thoughts (and witticisms) about the Debate of the Day: To vax or not to vax?

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