Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated


3:30: The Rock of Talk Debate of the Day: Should MLG impose more restrictions, or is herd immunity the better approach?

6:13: Dowd’s show wrap from yesterday

11:41: Rudy and “putting the skin back on the turkey”

18:38: Jimmy Failla stops by the KIVA to chat with Eddy about Trump, Fox News, Hunter Biden, and an election battle that he says is “far from over”

46:00: Can Fox News still be trusted?

47:45: KIVA’s new digital platform is for New Mexicans seeking truth and honesty

48:26: Your texts and a call re: Election Night “coverage,” ballot discrepancies, “I Won’t Back Down,” and Veterans Day

1:01:25: The lockdown is coming again (we warned you)

1:15:37: A caller reminds us all that the loathsome Harry Reid lied about the GOP’s presidential nominee in 2012 — and got away with it

1:16:50: Is New Mexico a “petri dish” for MLG and her Nanny State ilk?

1:25:30: Dowd’s look at the Supreme Court’s 1905 mandatory-vaccination ruling

1:30:18: Your texts re: Fox News, vaccination issues, Denmark’s mink massacre, subscribers like what they see, and spreading COVID vs. spreading stupidity

1:44:48: A caller asks how Biden won New Mexico, given that so many Democrats flipped to Trump

1:46:35: No word from MLG yet on her latest “update,” but given the “data,” there is no question that the re-lockdown is coming

1:49:52: In-person learning is now kaput in Santa Fe and Rio Rancho could be next

1:50:50: How “hybrid” education has failed children in Santa Fe

2:02:01: Rio Rancho Public Schools will indeed be shutting down, while even the state’s own legislative researchers admit that remote learning is a disaster

2:03:50: KIVA is here for you in this “dark winter” — do not get negative, do not turn to drugs/alcohol, we’re going to keep fighting all the way through

2:05:56: 319 is Eddy’s “visionary” number (it’s the beginning of spring)

2:08:10: What’s up with all this (potential) funny business with voting machines?

2:15:55: A caller driving through Albuquerque is observing the city’s economic devastation — plus, he was in the military for years and saw contracting corruption in Iraq

2:26:00: How to check your voting history in New Mexico and listener calls about facts and claims and rumors about election chicanery

2:44:12: An update from State Representative-Elect Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) — will the 2021 legislative session be held at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center?

2:48:55: Caller Joe closes the program with a plea for the Silent Majority to be silent no more!

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