Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Tuesday, December 15th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated | Podcast and Video of Show



4:07: Eddy is livid — why the heck is “the first group of New Mexicans inoculated against the virus” located in Santa Fe?

4:20 An irrefutable fact, courtesy the program’s host: “You can’t fight stupid.”

4:30: A caller argues that EMS personnel on the front lines should get the vaccine first

4:33: A caller thinks Eddy should interview COVID-19 “survivors” on a regular basis

4:34: Rudy recounts his experience with the Rona — it was much like the flu, and his recovery was fairly quick

4:37: A caller with an “essential” business is losing work, his “guys are worn out,” and he’s thinking of walking away from what took him a decade to build

4:47: Eddy’s “sweetheart” doesn’t know much about System of a Down, but she wants to share a harrowing tale of an unpleasant experience at the Heart Hospital of New Mexico

5:06: Miss Lopez finishes her story, and speculates why CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center might be getting special treatment

5:15: Eddy thinks it’s okay to move to other states, and calls New Mexico “not the place for you during your retirement years”

5:16: A caller’s (mostly benign) experience with the Rona, but his family is “on our way to Texas”

5:27: You gotta subscribe — content is king at the Rock of Talk’s multimedia platform!

5:30: With Andrew Cuomo running the DOJ, much of the work to expose The Swamp will be chucked down the memory hole

5:34: Dowd is unimpressed with the “public health community” — why doesn’t it embrace rigorous, multidisciplinary discussion and debate about its actions?

5:37: Your texts on Rona, vaccine madness, Santa Fe (“the epicenter of stupid”), quarantining, SCOTUS, Lovelace, and Hanukkah

5:50: Eddy recommends checking out Steve Bannon’s program — pronto

5:54: Rebecca (from Liberty Ladies UNITE!) suggests a name for the (inevitable?) Trump Party

5:58: Melinda from Rio Rancho loves the show, and the Rock of Talk “family”

6:08: Steve Schmidt, a colossal zero if there ever was one, has left the GOP

6:10: Dowd got some advice from a former New Mexican (“get out of New Mexico”), and the message he received sparks a discussion about why people do/should leave and why Eddy stays

6:17: MLG is turning New Mexico into Pottersville!

6:18: A caller is rightfully incensed about the utterly loathsome Michigan lawmaker who asked her “soldiers” to “make them pay,” and Eddy explains why the whole affair was “giant set-up”

6:27: A caller likes Dowd’s distinction between “makers” and “takers”

6:32: A caller is tempted to leave, but wants to stay and fight for his home state

6:35: A caller thinks it's time to “only buy from those on your team,” and the final texts of the day

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