Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Tuesday, December 1st, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated


The above photo is a young man getting a Coronavirus test via robot.

Complete show for 12/1/2020 Annotated. Hit play above and scroll to the timestamp below to hear that portion.

0:00: Rona talk with Eddy Aragon, Dowd Muska, and Dan Butterfield

3:05: Dowd ran across a killer chart on Twitter and you’ve got to give it a look

4:30: DON’T TAKE THE TEST! (unless you need medical attention)

7:45: How are they going to “police” us?

17:55: Local law enforcement will not play ball if MLG tries for martial law

19:55: Roswell is rebelling — good for them!

22:25: Eddy’s off to get KIVA back up and running at full power, so Dowd and Dan engage in a lengthy discussion of the Trump campaign’s efforts to get to the truth about Election 2020: the zealot mindset, organized vs. disorganized scammers, mail-in ballots, AI signature checks, Wisconsin’s recount, Bill Barr, mail fraud, Benford’s law, Philly’s dubious love for Sleepy Joe, preventing vs. exposing a crime, not cheating “enough,” how to kick the contest to the House, and “skimming the change” in Michigan

45:30: The discussion resumes with disturbing data from Michigan, Georgia’s bogus “recount,” machine politics, who’s behind the software chicanery, and tricky touchscreens

1:02:35: Eddy’s back to check in on the inmates running the asylum, and ask Rudy how New Mexico’s restaurants can deal with Mini Mao’s dictates during a rough cold snap

1:10:10: What about the people standing in line for food?

1:17:20: Eddy’s off again with more technical work to restore KIVA, so Dowd and Dan wrap up the election issues and transition to a deep dive into MLG’s disastrous “management” of The Rona: nonexistent problem definition, how engineers find solutions, Fauci’s foolishness, herd immunity, entropy, Reality World vs. Political World, the “surges,” irrelevant infections, and the flu vs. COVID-19

1:38:30: Chicks are taking over the Roundhouse — do we need more Kelly Fajardos and Mimi Stewarts voting for ever-bigger government in New Mexico?

1:45:30: Perhaps the worst media bias (non-Rona) of the year

1:48:15: Join our online community (the benefits can’t be beat)

1:49:45: Dowd’s old enemy Dan Hicks down at the empty “spaceport” has some got some ‘splaining to do (criminal charges on the way?)

1:53:00: Dowd and Dan talk about Eddy’s run for the chairmanship of the Republican Party of New Mexico, crime, the military-industrial complex, and how Donald Trump was/is transformative

2:15:00: Eddy’s back to read your texts and wrap up the show

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