Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 | Journaled and Annotated | Podcast and Video of Show



4:07: Eddy kicks the show off with the “hit piece” (written by a young and clueless McCleskeyite) that appeared in POLITICO today — it’s nothing more than a hate-Trump message from the Republican Party of New Mexico’s Svengali

4:35: Dowd brings the data on whether Donald Trump wrecked the GOP in New Mexico (hint: the math doesn’t add up)

4:39: Jesse James, of Concerned Citizens for New Mexico, discusses his organization’s efforts, his view that “Republicans don’t do anything,” Mark Moores (“about as exciting as a seat cushion”), and how Steve Pearce is just “another old guy” who “needs to step aside”

4:55: A quick interview with Ryan, who has an interesting tale to tell about unemployment fraud and a bureaucracy uninterested in “improper payments”

5:09: The gas-tax vote — and an epic Dowd rant on how Tim Keller is now more pro-taxpayer than two GOPers on Albuquerque’s city council

5:14: Manny’s got some, er, trouble (Eddy thinks he’s “totally stupid or just broke the law”)

5:30: Murder Mike fills us in on assaults, shots fired, ODs, a suicide call, a carjacking, and a crossing guard hit by a (possibly impaired) driver

5:48: This pretty much says it all: “The fix to that is to professionalize our Legislature, as every other state has done”

5:51: BLM’s Duke City shakedown

6:07: Corey Hart and Frank Zappa

6:10: Poppie’s … a little sloppy

6:14: Your texts on hating Seinfeld (unthinkable), George Thorogood, Schedule 1 and firearm ownership, Keller’s chutzpah, Manny and Keller, and the vaxx and kids

6:20: The North Face, eco-hypocrite

6:23: Bezos, on his way out as CEO, is getting ready for a trip to space in Julyactual space, not Virgin Galactic’s definition

6:30: Caller Dave extends an “open invitation” to Eddy for training on firearms from the 19th century right up to the ‘80s and ‘90s

6:40: Your texts round out the show

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