Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated


0:45: Eddy is joined by Dowd Muska and Dan Butterfield for today’s show — but before the discussions get underway, he delivers and epic denunciation of MLG’s thuggery re: businesses shut down from Clovis to Farmington, Hobbs to Roswell, Las Cruces to Los Lunas, Taos to Albuquerque

5:00: “You are an experiment. And guess what? You’re not even fighting back.”

7:00: Blaming Trump — but taking the money from the stimulus package he signed into law

8:45: Eddy asks listeners to fight with him, and stand their ground, to make New Mexico no longer a “stepping stone” for carpetbagging pols

10:20: Why is the state with the oldest heritage in the country letting the silver-haired-ponytail crowd beat us up and insult us?

12:15: The KIVA community is growing — join us!

22:40: A caller “enlists” in the fight to save the Land of Enchantment from the carpetbaggers

28:35: A caller who grew up under Castro admires Eddy and wants to help the cause

35:25: A caller describes the low-information voters victimized by a dishonest media

37:45: A caller tells his story of voter fraud in McKinley County

43:25: People are angry and motivated, but they don’t know where to turn (local media certainly can’t be trusted)

44:50: The Show Killer talks about his experiences with “The State of Entrapment” and KUNM

50:55: Dan talks about the status of the Trump campaign’s efforts to get to the truth about the presidential election

55:00: Your texts are going online, the MLG petition-signers will soon be invited to join the KIVA community, and a timeline for our daily content

59:45: Dowd’s overview of his piece on the need for a right-to-work law in New Mexico

1:05:30: “Why are you the only guy that [sic] always shouts out questions?”

1:07:20: Steve Hilton argues that “corporate America hates you”

1:09:40: Texts re: Sidney Powell, evil MLG, Alex Jones, Mike Yeadon, your value to “the MAGAF Group,” a potential COVID passport, KIVA’s interactive platform, MLG is not in Hawaii, leaving New Mexico, Fanta Se, Biden taking MLG away from us, Obama redux, and a “rush order” on ballots

1:31:15: Dan on ballot harvesting

1:34:22: Rudy’s Rona story, updated

1:35:08: Eddy plays the Beatles’ “anti-Antifa song” and an analysis follows

1:38:50: Morons (including Mark Ruffalo) endorse Deb Haaland (can’t pass the bar, multiple DUIs, no relevant experience, $23 million lost) for the top boss of the U.S. Department of the Interior (poor Tom Udall)

2:02:50: Both Eddy and Dan think Trump will prevail!

2:03:50: A lengthy discussion about the “best thing” Dowd has read in the three weeks since Election Night: “5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms”

2:17:55: Robis Elections and a “rush order” for ballots placed with Aspen Printing

2:21:15: Dowd still has a crush on Jenna Ellis

2:22:55: A caller reports on strong FM signal in Elephant Butte

2:27:45: Final texts on the day re: paychecks for pols who never had a job, how to join the chat, MLG’s lousy “leadership,” the crisis line for vets, how MLG killed a business in Carlsbad, “welfare TV,” T cells, our own Dr. Fauci, the “Dominion Coffee Maker,” waiting in line at Walmart, and “Santa Flush”

2:50:25: Dr. Yeadon’s lecture from yesterday will be played again — catch our original broadcast here

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