Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated


0:00: Eddy’s summary of what happened last night with the GOP chairmanship “election”

9:00: Judge a man by his relationship with his children

21:30: Paid sick leave, a higher minimum wage — how is a business supposed to survive?

22:05: Kelly Fajardo is just … awful

23:50: Happy talk from the Albuquerque Journal

26:55: Crime is out of control in Las Cruces (and the police department’s spokesman says they “can’t be private security guards”)

31:30: Phoenix is not on lockdown, with bars and restaurants and gyms open

32:50: Eddy’s stalker makes her latest accusation, and Selim’s final email to KIVA

37:40: “YOU. ARE. LIVING. IN. HELL!” So fight back!

46:45: Small businesses are the nation’s job-creators

48:20: A caller asks how she can “fight back,” and a lengthy discussion ensues with Eddy and Dowd offering their thoughts

58:50: Eddy’s advice: “nudge” people, analyze the media (bias), defy the “orders,” protest the governor’s mansion

1:10:30: Dowd says “CUT THE CORD!” (and pester elected officials)

1:13:10: Eddy recommends going to church, ditching Google and Amazon, “starving” the archdiocese, refusing to get tested, and frustrating the pollsters

1:24:20: To learn how to talk to leftists, Dowd recommends The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion, by Jonathan Haidt

1:39:10: A caller disagrees with Dowd about evolution

1:41:15: Young Eddy Aragon and Young D. Dowd Muska, thousands of miles apart, grew up watching the PBS series “Ethics in America”

1:47:05: A caller weighs in on Rona nonsense

1:50:30: Order from Monroe’s tonight!

1:51:10: A caller considers Old Glory a “symbol of sacred personal sacrifice”

1:56:30: Natalie (from “Liberty Ladies UNITE!”) calls in to talk about the “postponed” ABQ ordinance and ask why city councilors can’t be reached directly via phone

2:01:45: A caller from Rio Rancho talks abut the “big meeting” coming up

2:04:25: A caller reminds Eddy of the appalling story of his former brother-in-law’s brother, a 20-year veteran who served in Macedonia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, not being allowed to have a proper burial due to MLG’s “public health” thuggery

2:16:45: A caller asks about Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit alleging “unlawful acts” by Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia that he believes “invalidate the election results”

2:20:55: Rebecca (from “Liberty Ladies UNITE!”) calls in to talk about the Texas lawsuit


2:26:40: Singing/drumming from The Gathering of Nations in the latest episode of “Learning Pow Wow in the KIVA”

2:38:00: Eddy wants listeners to read a “great write-up” about Kelvin Scarborough, the “unofficial mayor” of ABQ

2:38:20: Your calls round out the show: states join the Texas lawsuit, the NM GOP, Eddy’s definition of luck, Kenny passes away, and destiny

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