Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated


00:35: Joining Eddy in the KIVA are Dowd Muska (remote) and Dan Butterfield (in-studio)

01:15: There’s a long way to go, and “Donald Trump will win this election”

03:05: Kudos to Dillard’s and Hobby Lobby for not shutting down

04:07: New Mexicans elected “the worst person on the face of the planet” to run our state

04:45: The “outbreak” at Walmart’s Los Lunas distribution center

07:15: Keep signing and sending in those IMPEACH MLG petitions!

07:30: Daniella Fox, of Santa Fe, is just one small business owner whose dream is being destroyed by MLG

09:25: Albuquerque’s bureaucrats step up their thuggery directed toward businesses not seemed “essential”

24:25: Have some patience and follow-through, the election “is going to go our way”

25:10: The evidence backing claims behind “widespread voter fraud”

33:15: Is social media “free speech”?

42:25: MLG is in D.C.?

42:50: The legislature won’t meet in the Roundhouse in 2021 — um, why?

44:10: Dan says a new study suggests that if you’ve contracted COVID-19, you’re “immune for years, if not decades”

44:45: Justice Alito is not a fan of lockdowns

46:15: Your texts on voting integrity, Thanksgiving, freeway signs, Manny Gonzales, “Governor Aragon,” and a possible Trump third party

58:45: Eddy praises Dowd’s deep dive into the madness of MLG’s lockdowns

1:00:20: A native of New Orleans with a “wonderful accent” calls in to discuss COVID-19 nonsense in New Mexico and his deployment to a “Third World country in Africa” that did not mandate masks

1:04:20: Your texts re: Hobby Lobby, Joe Biden’s fourth-place finish in the Iowa caucus, the Second Amendment, a “public health” exception for Dillard’s, the Roundhouse relocation, and vaccines

1:09:05: A young caller weighs in on conservative Catholics and an appalling archbishop

1:11:50: For possibly the 589th time in 2020, Dowd gives out the number for the New Mexico Crisis and Access Line

1:12:42: A caller who moved to New Mexico, loves the state, and wants to stay will be leaving if MLG mandates vaccinations

1:15:00: A caller asks about today’s ruling in Pennsylvania

1:17:12: Ali Ennenga calls in and notes that there are “so many cars” are on the road — despite MLG’s Lockdown 2.0!

1:27:25: Your texts re: two-step verification (not for voting), walking away from Democrats, getting used to “the idea of scarcity,” The Great Reset, a recount for John James, Trump 2021 stickers, the Trump Party, Facebook hate for MLG, shopping during the “emergency”

1:36:55: A caller touts the benefits of boosting your immune system through Vitamin D3 and Zinc

1:41:05: Deb Haaland, Albuquerque’s fedpol in the House, “failed the bar three times” and “is an idiot”

1:42:15: OSHA guidelines and brain-dead mask mandates

1:49:20: Todd’s son plays soccer professionally in Tennessee, and he has not “taken a knee”

2:04:02: Dowd tells listeners about the latest missed deadline for “Virgin Galactic”

2:06:45: Richard Branson can’t do a suborbital test flight during COVID-19 — but Elon Musk can put four astronauts in orbit?

2:10:45: The latest on the vaccine and New Mexico

2:19:45: A caller asks about making money from COVID-19, and Dowd brings the data

2:26:20 The final texts of the day re: cars on the roads, the election in Wayne County, possible mascots for the “Trumplican Party,” ivermectin, MLG is “terrible” and “vile,” who’s really important to Fox News, and corruption in New Mexico

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