Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Thursday, December 17th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated | Podcast and Video of Show


4:07: The DUI Deb drama, and the election to come

4:11: Sophie’s choice — between MLG and DUI Deb, whom would you pick to get rid of?

4:13: Eddy can’t grasp why it took so much PAC money to get Yvette Herrell elected, in a right-leaning district (and her opponent raised “three times more” than Mark Ronchetti!)

4:16: CD 1 was Republican for a long time

4:17: “The GOP been a giant ghost, and this is our opportunity!”

4:18: Is Michelle Garcia Holmes the answer? Eh....

4:20: What might DUI Deb do as boss of DOI?

4:21: “If you want to see RINOs in action, look at Georgia.”

4:30: A trip down NM GOP Memory Lane: John Dendahl, Pete Domenici, Manuel Lujan, Heather Wilson, and Steve Schiff

4:38: Jason Vaillancourt chimes in on the LP vs. GOP matter, and he and Eddy engage in an, er, spirited debate

4:55: Dowd supplies some data on whether LPers draw more from donkeys or elephants

4:57: Larry Behrens, of Power the Future, swings by the KIVA to talk about DUI Deb’s “insane energy positions”

5:06: Larry’s thoughts on why the Bidenites “soured” on MLG after she did so much for them

5:08: Larry thinks Biden sided with “bartender from Brooklyn” over New Mexicans when it comes to energy policy

5:09: Eddy: “How much of a negative impact can she have, and how quickly?”

5:12: “Joe Biden is building his own, secret EPA" with retreads John Kerry and Gina McCarthy

5:14: Eddy and Larry discuss whether there is light at the end of the long, dark tunnel MLG has forced New Mexicans to enter

5:31: Christmas is almost here, and next week, we’ll be “connecting everybody” in the KIVA family

5:34: A caller contrasts Karen Bedonie’s work in the Navajo Nation with the “woke energy polices” of DUI Deb

5:36: Eddy has made friends with Isiah Chavez and thinks it’s time to get behind the Lobos and Danny Gonzales

5:53: Quick hits on the statewide “red zone,” stealing tools from Home Depot, and freezing in line

5:59: Where’s the “Metal Mayor” been lately?

6:07: Michael, a regular caller, recalls Outkast’s “racist” performance at the Grammys many years ago

6:16: “Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian),” as recorded by both Don Fardon and Paul Revere & the Raiders, followed by an Eddy/Dowd discussion of revisionist history

6:25: The show killer stops by the KIVA for a story about partying at Harrison Ford’s house and the importance of reading the Declaration of Independent and U.S. Constitution

6:26: A caller warns about a “perceived unity” — Eddy and Dowd discuss

6:34: An article about hospitalizations in Farmington sparks a discussion of a recent KIVA report and the difference between dying from COVID-19 and dying with COVID-19

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