Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated


0:00: Laura Ingraham’s interview with Sucharit Bhakdi, the co-author of Corona, False Alarm? (he’s no fan of Fauci)

6:10: Greg Zanetti expresses his concerns about the vaccine

11:35: Bill Gates is a population-control nut

15:00: What is the Deagel Report?

25:15: Is a “cashless society” — i.e., “fedcoin” — something we want?

35:30: Revolutions need economic chaos and violence in the streets

40:15: A stock market bigger than the economy itself, and a bond market bigger than the stock market!

45:35: Are we going back to the 1500s-1600s and chattel slavery?

58:00: A caller wants to talk about nonviolent offenders and jobs

1:03:00: A caller isn’t happy about endless delays of sports and kids missing from schools

1:09:45: “Always stay focused on power and control”

1:17:55: Drag racing outside KIVA

1:20:10: Larry Behrens thinks arrogant pols believe that they are “separate and above the rest of us”

1:25:00: Is MLG off to D.C. or not?

1:35:10: Well, I never wanted to leave anyway, really!

1:43:30: Poor Diane Denish — still angry and bitter, a decade after losing the governorship

1:58:30: Could MLG survive a D.C. confirmation hearing?

2:03:30: What Larry thinks about MLG’s war on sports and the loss of “12,000 kids,” plus a pilgrimage to Tortugas Mountain is canceled and lots of FOR SALE signs in Nob Hill

2:15:30: The city and the state were “built by the government,” MLG hasn’t given up a single paycheck, and is UBI next?

2:27:20: MLG hates coal, and likes layoffs

2:28:45: “I really do think it was unfair that the federal government to have left out so many are most needy families here in the city of Albuquerque”

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