Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Thursday, November 12th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated


1:01: KIVA will not be simulcasting Michelle Lujan Grisham’s fear-porn “update” tomorrow (here’s why)

1:27: What’s happening in El Paso (the county in Colorado) is not good

2:02: The “circuit breaker” is likely to be imposed tomorrow — but Eddy’s contacts inside state government have not been told what that means (assume the worst, hope for the best)

6:32: What “hybrid learning” has done to students in Santa Fe Public Schools

9:10: Santa Fe’s “dining domes” and legislators’ COVID-19 cowering

17:17: The New Mexico Restaurant Association’s Carol Wight explains why the latest attempt to impose a sick-leave mandate on Albuquerque businesses is “crazy”

21:22: The Duke City’s restaurateurs — and their workers — need you to text JOBLESS to 52886 and help stop the madness!

24:46: Please consider making a charitable donation to the Serving NM Fund to assist those who have been impacted by MLG’s logic-free lockdown

31:12: Dowd’s original research on the failure of Hollywood subsidies in New Mexico and the possibility that the gravy train for Tom Hanks, Rosario Dawson, and their pals may finally be derailed

49:59: Your texts: a big Pennsylvania ballot-counting win for the Trump campaign and Fox News reports that “controversies from her past may loom over” a potential cabinet gig for MLG

55:09: Eddy and financial guru Greg Zanetti take a deep dive into what the eras of Marcus Cocceius Nerva and the French Revolution can teach us about “corruption and entitlement,” the folly of military overreach, the debasement of currency, the decline of education, the perversion of science, the end of objective journalism, “woke” corporations, Cancel Culture, and how empires perish

1:25:05: Eddy and Greg spend the final few minutes of the program discussing MLG’s failed “leadership,” the prospect of her departure for D.C., and the need for new messaging by the state’s GOP