Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Monday, December 21st, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated | Podcast and Video of Show


4:07: Manny Gonzales or Johnny Come Lately?

4:11: MLG takes her cues from the international Big Government cabal -- we kept thinking that relief would come, and it hasn’t (May? June? Next summer?)

4:13: Others (e.g., Caleb CooperSteve Smotherman) stood up when Manny was silent

4:26: Joe Guzzardi of Joe’s Pasta House calls in to talk to Eddy about his restaurant’s challenges in 2020, from renting tents to weather complications to tapping his own savings to keep going

4:40: Joe paid Christmas bonuses out of personal funds for employees “who are there for us”

4:50: Miguel and Ava swing by the KIVA to discuss how Monroe’s has survived the year

5:11: Kathy and Matt (and Stella) enter the KIVA to continue the discussion about their family business and its loyal workers and customers

5:18: “Laying people off has become the new normal.”

5:38: Tom Crow of Crow Financial stops in to talk about his support for a local jazz band, his work with Faith Lutheran Church, and offer a look ahead at 2021

5:48: Rudy has known Tom since 2010 -- he was his first client after Mr. Grande returned to ABQ

6:02: George and Janice, two of Eddy’s “most favorite people,” enter the KIVA to talk about their business, including the wellness products they sell and the “Brazilian Blowout” (not a straightening -- a smoothing!)

6:13: Eddy wants a symphony orchestra back in ABQ

6:32: Dowd talks about his latest piece at, which explores the tax hike headed New Mexico’s way on January 1st -- and the GOPers who voted for it

6:38: DUI Deb’s identity-politics and climate-alarmism speech (entirely predictable)

6:40: Michael calls in to talk about the winter solstice and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction

6:42: RINOs (e.g., Mitt Romey, Chris Christie) are attacking Donald Trump, and Eddy thinks a GOP “internal civil war” is underway

6:50: Peter Schweitzer on the Biden scandal -- how is the story not garnering national coverage?

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