Dec 1, 2020 • 2HR 39M

Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Monday, November 30th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated

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Complete show for 11/30/2020 Annotated. Hit play above and scroll to the timestamp below to hear that portion.

0:35: KIVA was “robbed and vandalized,” and Eddy explains what happened, and why the “one voice of opposition in this state” was targeted

6:42: Download the app or visit / to stay in touch with us

11:50: And don’t forget!

13:35: The problem with New Mexicans: laziness and entitlement

20:35: KIVA’s friends and enemies

23:10: Eddy warned, many months ago, that we “didn’t have to go down this road”

25:10: The real problem: political leadership

30:10: No one-size-fits-all approach

30:50: MLG lost New Mexicans’ faith

32:30: Dowd’s overview of today’s lockdown “update” — green-yellow-red, “getting used to” waiting for groceries, “illegal” traffic jams, border crossings, blaming Trump, “not fair,” HHS dreaming, and tracking mobility via cell phones

43:30: Eddy is seeking the chairmanship of the Republican Party of New Mexico — he makes his pitch

46:45: The haughtiness, condescension, and smarminess of the thoroughly loathsome Tripp Stelnicki

52:45: Stelnicki thinks waiting in line for food is “a minor inconvenience”

1:00:00: Tripp deserves a pink slip

1:05:30: A caller reports that CenturyLink has “flagged” KIVA

1:12:45: Your texts and calls re: the assault on the station, why you need the Brave browser and a VPN and a Lavabit email address, and leaving New Mexico

1:23:15: Jeff, “the guy with seven kids,” is leaning toward bailing on the Land of Enchantment (for Texas, of course)

1:31:45: The best way to help us is to subscribe — and buy a gift subscription or two

1:35:15: Tom Petty rules!

1:38:35: Your texts and calls re: “green plus,” Mini Mao, new Rona testing facility

1:42:20: The mystery of numbers stations, such as UVB-76, Lincolnshire Poacher, and Cherry Ripe

1:53:15: A decade later, no answer on the death of Mary Han

1:54:20: What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

1:55:10: Dowd’s obsession with “Murder on Middle Beach”

2:00:00: Eddy believes that curiosity “cures the mind,” and he and Dowd engage in a wide-ranging discussion that touches on speed reading, Alfred Lin, Tony Hsieh, the latest revelations about UFOs, Art Bell, the “final answer” of socialism and communism, the perversion of science, Fauci’s follies, why “we don’t know” is not a bad thing, Firing Line, Facebook “fact checking,” and additional cancer deaths from lockdown madness

2:23:30: UNM football, the Land of Enchantment, and the “disease” of losing

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