Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Monday, November 23rd, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated


0:12: Larry Behrens joins Eddy to talk special session, MLG, and where New Mexico goes from here

1:05: Lines, lines everywhere — and MLG is denying reality

5:50: Why aren’t other states experiencing this?

6:35: Why Larry thinks “this is a huge session”

9:45: How MLG grabbed the spotlight with her promise of $300 million (plenty of strings attached, of course)

13:30: Go to the government before you can do … anything?

17:00: People are leaving for Arizona, Utah, Texas, etc. (maybe for good)

22:05: State Rep. Gregg Schmedes (R-Tijeras) offered a warning of what might come

25:35: How can businesses fight back?

31:30: We need Buffalo’s courage here in New Mexico

33:15: Larry’s “warning from the future” to the entire U.S.

37:05: Move the Roundhouse protests to MLG’s “house”!

39:00: Eddy introduces a must-listen lecture from Dr. Michael Yeadon, a UK-based biochemist and pharmacologist who thinks the COVID-19 policy response has been spectacularly wrong

51:00: Yeadon’s lecture begins with a summary of his training and experience

52:10: Why were restrictions rising in the UK when the data were encouraging?

52:25: What is the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE)?

53:00: SAGE thought, quite mistakenly, that SARS-CoV-2 was “a new virus,” and thus no one would have any immunity

53:50: The story of Edward Jenner and the birth of vaccination

55:15: The “principle of cross-immunization,” and why so many in the UK’s nursing homes did not get sick

56:30: Another “fatal error” by SAGE was its estimate of only a 7 percent infection rate (“unbelievably wrong”)

58:10: If the percentage of people with antibodies is falling, the “only plausible explanation” is that the prevalence of the virus in the population is falling

59:00: “Community immunity” — i.e., herd immunity — is close at hand

59:25: Good news on vaccines

59:45: Why aren’t we talking about T cells?

1:00:00: “I believe, fundamentally, it is over."

1:01:20: All through the spring and summer, SAGE did not have a clinical immunologist!

1:02:00: The multiple deficiencies of the PCR test and how it produces “cold positives”

1:07:10: “This test is monstrously unsuitable for detecting who has live virus in their airway. It’s subject to multiple distortions that are worsening as we get into the winter.”

1:08:35: It’s normal to have more people in intensive care this time of year (many deaths are being misattributed to COVID-19)

1:09:18: Testing everybody, maybe every day — not the solution!

1:09:48: “What we should do is stop mass testing.”

1:11:15: Immunity will not start to fade, it will last for years, and possibly be “lifelong”

1:15:05: The virus “is not what you were told in spring” (fatality rate much lower)

1:16:25: The lockdown was worth trying, but the “pain” ended up being for nothing

1:17:30: A possible explanation for why some countries were hit harder than others (perhaps cross immunity, perhaps “dry tinder”)

1:21:02: Excess deaths this year will be “not particularly unusual”

1:22:20: We have to pull ourselves out of this, by 1) ceasing mass testing of the “mostly well” and 2) firing the “lethally incompetent” officials at SAGE

1:25:30: Greg Zanetti joins Eddy for a discussion of the election and beyond

1:26:40: A pattern of 80-year segments in American history: 1940, 1860, 1780, 1700, 1620

1:29:50: George Gammon’s insights on the stock market, the Fed, and the “stimulus”

1:36:25: In 2021, 57 percent of GDP will be “public” spending — a toxic fusion of big banks, mega-corporations, and government

1:40:50: Huge deficits, no matter who’s inaugurated, and inflation expectations are going to rise

1:42:15: Why betting on the stock market is not wise

1:44:35: The weak link is the currency

1:47:30: You should be investing in “low-tech”

1:50:40: Why didn’t the stock market tank in September?

1:54:40: What happens if election fraud is proven?

2:02:22: What if Biden wins?

2:09:52: “The Bread of Shame”

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