Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Monday, December 14th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated | Podcast and Video of Show



4:07PM: Virgin Galactic — Eddy still thinks bankruptcy is coming by February, and Dowd’s stock is down

4:08PM: The daily “firehose” from the Rock of Talk

4:11PM: The Rona fear porn never stops

4:15PM: Eddy reports that “the planes are full” — folks are heading out for Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix...

4:16PM: Keep wearing the mask!

4:18PM: New York wants vaccinations to be mandatory

4:19PM: COVID-19 tracking apps — we’re not interested

4:26PM: Bill Barr has resigned (hmm)

4:27PM: Shaun Willoughby, president of the Albuquerque Police Officers Association (union), stops by the KIVA to discuss the city’s murder numbers for 2020, bad judges being retained, and a “ridiculous” op-ed that appeared over the weekend

4:46PM: George Washington died, at 67, on this day in 1799 — how he fought smallpox at Valley Forge

4:50PM: Eddy once hit the links with Tim Keller, and “he is a terrible golfer”

4:5PM1: A caller is no fan of Shawn Willoughby (or unions), and Eddy understands his perspective

4:54PM: Eddy has never liked Bill Barr (reason: the Bidens)

4:55PM: Sleepy Joe “wins” New Mexico

4:56PM: What the heck happened in Central Lake, Michigan?

5:05PM: New show killer?

5:06PM: Deny Silicon Valley your data — and your dollars

5:07PM: Florida leading the way on Rona testing transparency (New Mexico will not follow suit)

5:15PM: Why should anyone care what college dropout, no-medical-degree Bill Gates thinks?

5:16PM: Social distancing and masks ... forever?

5:1PM: Dr. Birx is “gaslighting to the nth degree”

5:19PM: Hospitals are not “overwhelmed”

5:21PM: WHO says, “Don’t hug!”

5:30PM: Time for a RINO hunt — should Trump start his own party?

5:33PM: The North Face just can’t be associated with one of those evil oil-and-gas companies!

5:36PM: Bill de Blasio begs for federal “stimulus” as the Big Apple dies

5:40PM: Doña Ana County’s commissioners “approve a 15% pay raise for their positions, which amounts to just over $5,000 annually”

5:4PM: The “Railyards Market was packed with people waiting to pick up their holiday shopping items”

5:50PM: Dowd’s deep dive on Virgin Galactic’s latest embarrassment

6:08PM: High earners, Elon Musk, HP, Peloton, and Amazon — the blue-state model is a dismal failure

6:24PM: MLG thinks “New Mexico is very well positioned to come out of this pandemic and the economic harshness in a very productive way” — meanwhile, hundreds of ABQ businesses are requesting government grants

6:32PM: Mental health is suffering, the “data” on suicides in New Mexico, domestic violence’s surge, and drinking on the rise

6:40PM: “I started crying, and screaming, I was so angry because if my son was alive, he would be in school.”